Harmonix - Digitone iOS App




Was easy enough, good suggestion. Double-Tapping will bring up the menu, but you can still change by swiping. I’ll submit a new beta over the weekend.


That’s looking very good, thanks.


The update should be out now. It includes that drop down menu and other minor fixes.


Got it, thanks! This is a big improvement.


Hello, have some questions:

  1. So it only works for 90days from the moment you have uploaded your app?
  2. After the beta will it be an app to pay for or a free one?
  3. I don’t have an Ipad but a friend has an Ipad pro, how do you connect this? Can I use Oplab to route the usb from Ipad to midi input of Digitone? Or do you have an easier way to connect, straight from Ipad usb to Digitone usb?

  • When I release it the beta won’t open anymore and it will be a paid app on the App Store

  • The App sees any MIDI Interface connected to the iPad and you can route the MIDI to and from any Interface that you select. You can use a USB Camera Kit to connect it straight to the Digitone. I personally connect it to my iMac over WIFI, and in macOS Audio / MIDI Setup, directly route the iPad to the Digitone.


Pushed a mini update out:

  • You can select which tracks the Keyboard controls (instead of just the Selected Track or ALL)


For those who never used iPad like this - can you elaborate on the specifics of this setup as it’s what I would want to do as well.


Does somebody know if it is possible to control Harmonix with a Bluetooth keyboard, like the Korg Nanokontrol Studio?

  1. Connect Digitone to iMac via USB
  2. Open Harmonix
  3. In macOS open “Audio MIDI Setup”
  4. In Audio MIDI Setup, connect your iPad and in the lower right corner for “Live Routings” select the Digitone

There will now be 2-way communication, over WIFI, between the iPad and Digitone. Any iOS app that sends MIDI data to the “Network” interface will be sending it to the Digitone directly.


Harmonix currently only listens for the Parameter CC’s sent by the Digitone when you move a knob. What would you use the external keyboard for?


I would like to control the internal keyboard of Harmonix with a external bluetooh keyboard. It makes playing chords on the Digitone a lot easier.


Ok, I’ll detect notes as well and pass them through the note filter and to all selected Tracks.


I pushed an update out. Make sure your external keyboard is selected in the MIDI IN ports of the app. Let me know if it works.

If you want to trigger from another app, send the MIDI Notes to the “Harmonix” Interface.

Obviously, you won’t be able to control the connected Keyboard Parameters externally, as they detect vertical finger placement on the iPad.


What a fast service, thanks! I will try it later this evening and will give feedback.

Happy 2019!


@mekohler Works perfect! I now can use my Korg Nanokey Studio to play notes on my Digitone via Harmony. I will promote Harmonix where I can, it deserves a lot of attention(and buyers…)

Will test and feedback.


Cool. Does it send Aftertouch or anything? I could route Aftertouch or a selectable CC to control Harmonix’s Keyboard Parameters. I’ll prolly work on that for next week’s update.


No aftertouch., but would be nice.


Minor update: Added a PANIC button (same as double-stop on the device)