Hanging notes?

I updated to 1.21 and had a hanging note once in the many hours I have played, it occured when DN was slave to the MD master (MD sending cc’s to 8 parameters of TB), MD midi out to TB03 - TB03 out to DN and stopped MD seq and wanted to make a new track on DN to jam with. The hanging note thing seems a bit more stable, but think it also has to do with the voice allocation settings. Haven’t tested with an external keyboard controller yet, maybe I’ll try with minibrute later

Have the same issue - Ableton 10.1 to Digitone 1.21 via overbridge (don’t think this is relevant in this case as the issue seems to do with DN’s handling of MIDI in, not overbridge).

Have noticed when the hanging notes occur, the voice page on the DN is showing as the notes as on. I sometimes have to hit the stop button multiple times (e.g. 5 times) to clear the notes depending on how many are hanging.


I’m getting the same in Ableton, slaved to Ableton clock. Only happens when ableton is playing.

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I’m having the same issue when running midi out through ableton into my digitone.

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Same issue here too. Even sequencing only 4 sixteenth notes in a bar, one to each beat, one track only, dynamic voice allocation, Ableton master, Ableton sequencing. There is definitely something not right here.

I’m a jammer hardware guy, hate computer so I don’t have ableton experience, anyway try to lock your voices according the ones you need! Dont set it to dynamic, I had clicking voices with those settings… Think that will help…but that doesn’t resolve my issues and many others I think! Come on Elektron fix this shiiiit!
Edit: maybe they need to set all voices to mono instead of dynamic on all blank patterns! like within the A4 and you choose when you want poly on a certain track!!! That would fucking solve the many issues users are encountering I think! @Ess

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Locking the voices doesn’t change the behavior. It’s not a voice allocation issue.


mkay buggy shit ffs, hope they will fix it…

again hanging note(s) when jamming with MD and DN, MD out to DN in, latest firmware, MD sending a few cc’s to DN!
Don’t you think it has something to do with DN fx settings?

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just reporting back.

I raised a ticket with Elektron, and they are able to reproduce the hanging notes for Digitone via Overbridge for Ableton 10.1.

they were unable to reproduce the issue with Digitone and MIDI over USB.

this suggests to me that there are at probably two issues - i.e. (a) hanging notes via MIDI / USB, and (b) hanging notes via Overbridge Ableton.

if are you able to reproduce the issue with MIDI over USB (as in Digitone > Settings > System > USB Config > USB MIDI) with an external controller, I’m sure the guys over at Elektron would love to hear from you!


when the notes are hanging, you can see the voices being allocated in the “lips” page. if this was a FX thing, i wouldn’t expect the voices to be showing as allocated? (given Digitakt has a shared FX bus, and the FX are not per track)

if i was to guess (was a software engineer a long time ago), it feels like maybe “MIDI off” events are not being processed correctly? fact that it’s intermittant reminds me of threading / race conditions.

i dont have an external midi controller that is easily accessible (sold my Kawai VPC1 for an Yamaha C1X TA). if I get some time tomorrow, I will move my Digitone to the music room and see if I can reproduce hanging notes from my C1X MIDI DIN (not USB) out…

Having the same issue with Digitone Overbridge in Logic X. Pretty much unusable.

Same here.
Latest Ableton, latest Overbridge, latest Digitone firmware, Win 10 64 bit.

hanging notes here two. but i´d like to add
that i always thought that´s normal on synths.
i remember a lot synths with hanging notes.
nice solution of elektron to make it that easy to stop it.
on other synths you have to search sub menues to get
to the “panic” function.

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Same here. Latest Live, OB and Digitone OS. This is quite annoying but (at least) only occurs when being sequenced via Ableton.
Although not being a real solution, it helped to shorten all overlapping long notes and to turn down release times to avoid incidental overlaps. Strangely enough, Digitone seems to have no problems with short notes playing chords and thus overlapping otherwise.


I’ve been wrestling with this as well - currently I can’t use overbridge with the digitone as intended. My attempted configuration was overbridge, connected to digitone (OS1.21) and analog heat mk1 (OS1.11beta). I’m running live 10.1.2b8 (beta build)

I used the analog heat VST to insert that on my drum bus. Then I set up the digitone VST on a midi track to sequence part1, and set up 3 more midi tracks sequencing parts 2, 3 and 4. Parts 2 and 3 were not responding to note offs at all as far (as I could tell) so I had hanging notes all over the place, and even some extra notes triggered on part 2. I played around with the settings in the overbridge control panel as well as the midi settings in live but I couldn’t get this to work.

So I’ve sacked off the digitone/overbridge part of my configuration and I’m just using the USB connection for midi which works perfectly so far (in live midi settings I turned off all the overbridge midi input/output, turned off all the digitone inputs, and turned on output track and sync to the digitone). I can still use the heat through overbridge which is the most important thing to me.

My next step is to try and multitrack record the digitone back in via overbridge audio to print the digitone tracks, somehow I get the feeling this won’t be so easy…

I definitely have had hanging notes on the DN, don’t think it’s ever when it’s running a sequence though, had it happen on the A4 too so figured it was a midi issue and the notes got stuck. Hasn’t been a huge concern to me

FWIW I’ve also always had the occasional hanging note using physical MIDI connections (from as far back as 1990s, sequencing an emu esi32 from an amiga 500) but it’s always been very rare - less than once a day, and that’s with beaten up old kit and badly treated midi cables. So yes this seems to be an elektron/ableton thing from my experience (although I had a few extra issues in the past with a Roland JP8000 so it varies).

On a much more positive note, recording the digitone via overbridge worked like a dream - it’s great that you can so easily send all parts to their own track and the fx on their own to another track. I can live without the VST interface for the digitone


I’m having issues with hanging notes with the Digitone as well, running Ableton/Overbridge

It’s pretty frequently occurring.

Anybody else, or anyone have any solutions?


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I guess my solution of not using overbridge for the digitone wasn’t the answer you were looking for :slightly_smiling_face:

It works for me because I don’t mind using my mixer/soundcard inputs to monitor the analog signal while writing parts and midi CC instead of VST automation. Then when i’m ready I can print the audio via overbridge soundcard mode which seems to work pretty well. It’s just the VST front end that seems to break my setup.

It’s a shame it doesn’t work as intended but maybe one day Elektron will get it working… although I feel like they should either hire in some more experienced coders for overbridge or cut their losses and reduce overbridge to the features that work right now (or are very close) so they can focus on what they’re good at and make some interesting new hardware