Hanging notes?


Yes I know it’s an 8 voice but…
On an empty pattern, set chords to Maj, play 3 buttons at once, sometimes it just plays forever, hanging notes! Known bug?


Might want to run the self test on the Digitone. If that doesn’t show anything, submit a support ticket with Elektron directly. I’ve never had that issue with my DN.


It seems that I cannot reproduce it anymore??? Test said nothing… I’m getting sick always questioning myself thinking I did something wrong but it’s the machine that does weird things!


…countless days like that in my back…was all lack of experience with brandnew gear…especially with this full on nerd instruments from sweden…once ur over that u’ll be fine…
promise…so, chin up, pants down and keep on trying…


Well, it doesn’t need always be a bug. Very long decay/release settings on the AMP envelope or some weird LFO modulations may also look like “hanging” notes.


man it was on normal AMP settings and no lfo’s applied! May look like hanging notes??? no notes in the sequener just playing the buttons!


There where no details like this in your original post. I just listed possibilities.


yes sorry I’m a bit pissed, it’s always something with that DN!


For the record I’ve had zero problems with my DN and it’s one of my favourite pieces of gear in my studio.


Then I suggest you go deeper or play it for long times! Or have a jam with other machines. I really don’t believe that there are DN’s which behave tottaly normal! They all have bugs or weird behaviour! It’s my second unit (first one crashed/freezed a lot, had glitching lfo page, wobbly knobs, freezing when applying feedback, etc) and this brandnew replaced one still freezes/crashes luckily not so much as the first unit!


I used to get hanging notes on my Waldorf Pulse 2. It wasn’t a bug, it was just getting too many midi messages thrown at it at one time. Could this be a midi related problem somehow?


I’m not exactly sure that 2 units makes a sample size big enough for you to say all units have problems, mate. Good luck with that though.


All units have bugs, that’s why Elektron updates the machine!

I had hanging notes, without anything midi attached, no incoming audio, no notes in sequencer, no lfo’s applied etc, just playing the buttons.


@olibol It does weird things on occasion… sometimes really cool weird though.
Last week I was having a late night session on the sofa, and I managed to get a *stuck note that would repeat w/ an awesome echo/reverb… this was still going on w/ Play off. I would really like to replicate that sound :frowning:

PS: I’m still a noob, but it wasn’t w/ release = inf.