Give ‘em an inch - Adam A7X or A8X?

After more than two decades, I’ve decided to replace my trusty Event 2020bas monitors. The Events have 8” cones and pump out a respectable amount of low end. I don’t use a sub.

From what I’ve seen, modern monitors offer a lot more low end oomph and definition relative to speaker size, and I am wondering if the A8X’s extra inch is worth the $500 increase in price and the added heft in physical weight (each A8X weighs 8lbs more than an A7X).

I know there are some ‘Nauts using these monitors and I would love to hear what you have to say about them.

It’d be nice if I could get away with the smaller, lighter model, but wonder if it’s going to do the trick in my 18’ x 18’ space.

Also, if you’ve had any trouble with these monitors, I’d be interested in your experiences.


I haven’t used the A7X or A8X. I do have a pair of T7Vs that sound very nice when they’re set up appropriately. I’ve also used the S3As in the past at a former workplace studio. I suppose this is less of a commentary on the low end question, and more just a note that I’ve never had an issue with Adam monitors. A friend of mine has the A7Xes and doesn’t use a sub. I have a sub with my T7Vs, but only because I have the sub laying around. I keep it at an extremely low level, and let the T7Vs do most of the work. My space is smaller than yours, about 10’ x 15’, and the room isn’t treated the way it should be. Still, the 7" monitors do a respectable job on the low end.

I used to use HR824s, and I’d say the T7Vs keep up decently well, but with a touch less in the lows. The highs on the Adams are much nicer (IMO) than the original HR824s. I can only imagine that the A-series is a decent improvement on the T-series.

I’m sure there are plenty of people who can chime in with answers to your exact questions. :smiley: Just a cent or two.


Thanks, that’s just the kind of real-world experience I need!

Definitely interested in people’s experiences here. I have also been eyeing A5Xs with Sub7 as an option as well, since that combo seems especially space-conscious, if you can adjust to working with a sub. Just a little concerned about the 5s being able to stay true at higher levels.


Had a similar dilemma over 10 years ago between A7’s and A5’s, so this may not be a direct recommendation, but a pointer of what to look for:

I compared them thoroughly and I really wanted to like the A5’s. I liked the size, weight, price-tag and the low end was fine for my purposes but I got the A7’s anyway. They just sounded better across the entire range. Turned out that other than the 2 inches there was a significant difference in amp power…and there is always that mundane element which is the box. The difference was such that I would rather not mix music on the A5’s regardless of room size. BTW, adding a sub would not change this.

Those $500 probably go somewhere other than the extra inch. Granted, this may turn out not to be the case with the A7X vs. A8X, but it’s something to consider.


If you’re so set on Adams then fair enough but i’d look into HEDD type 07. Amazing upgrade from my adams. They were however a3x’s but honestly, the sound was totally different and I feel they’re extremely honest.

Anyway, that’s my input

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If you have the room for it, a sub is better than 8", because it’s a 3 way system and the 5/7" woofers don’t need to work so hard if you put the cut-off at around 80-90. The A77x’s are a bit cheaper now, that’s way too much for me space wise though.

I’m going for a5x’s and 7sub I think. Neumann Kh120’s are tempting me though.


I’m pretty sure the HR824 have better low end than A7x’s, dunno about the 8’s the 8xs look pretty crazy, like subs.

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FWIW I had A7s as my first set of real monitors and the low end was always a translation issue, and along with the highs. I went to Event Opals, truly didn’t need a sub. I had less issues. Then to Genelec 8320’s because of a big move and had to pack small. Low end still a problem (expected with 4" speakers). Got the matching sub and now everything, low end especially, translates perfectly well. I am now an advocate for a sub for electronic music or hip hop any thing with sub freqs in play if you have decent room treatment or at the least room correction. The GLM software makes a huge different for me. That all being said I would get 8’s especially since you were on the Events before. If you go smaller I’d get a sub, otherwise you might be disappointed. Just a thought based on experience. Good luck with your setup!

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great thread because I was looking into getting the Mackie HR624mk2 but am now gravitating towards the Adam A7x - so if anyone wants to compare those feel free… honestly no idea how anyone decides on monitors


You can’t really go wrong with the Adams, so many other people use them, especially in Techno. They’re a bargain for the price you pay for them as confusing at that might seem. People were amazed that Adam could even release a monitor for those prices when they first appeared and then they improved them…

So in that sense, they’re a bit of a reference, because you know how it sounded to person x when they were happy with it (minus mastering) as long as the room isn’t messing it up.

I don’t know about the HR6’s, I know the 8’s are pretty serious bois though and they were and still are too many people, The Monitor, in that price range for Drum and Bass.

Just get a massive loan and buy some Kii Audio 3’s, £10,000 nearfields. Four Bass Drivers per monitor, three way system, each about the size of a pc tower. DSP, you’d never have to think about it again.


A very important question and a near impossible decision to make.

I’ve had the Adam A8X’s a year after moving to Japan. In those 6 years I’ve only used them for half of the time. Why? I found some NS-10’s.

I tried switching back but my mix just sounded off. TBF I don’t think that is to do with Adams, more to do with my flawed living room/studio space. A completely untreated and harsh room. They always say that one should check their mixes on other playback devices and it couldn’t be truer for me.

The NS-10’s translated better.

However, when I put in the solid work and sat in the ideal listening position a few years prior and used my Adams they were incredible for mixing and it translated extremely well.

I’m deep into my project. I have been mixing into the Yammies and everything is sounding all well and good when cross referenced. I have a summer holiday coming up and I intend on switching to the Adams to see how things sound and to maybe work with them on the final part before I finish this project.

My advice given your room size is to go for the 8’s. I’ve checked out the 7’s and they are great but I could instantly hear the difference.

My extra advice would be to get a pair of Yammie’s. I have to work a lot harder on the translation of the mix with the Adams; a fatiguing process. Again, it could be because of my acoustically awful room.

I hope I haven’t made your decision ever tougher. Those Yammie’s, man. Their like the Octatrack; “Once you know, you know.” and “You get out, what you put in.”

I will report back again soon. Like I happily said, I have a long holiday just around the corner. I want to squash any internal arguments I have. I want to do a true comparison, geek out, and factually spot all the differences I can paying meticulous attention to detail. Pit them against one another.

If you buy before then, then please report back with your findings. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. I’d be glad to hear your perspective.


Thanks - good advice all round. I am quite familiar with the NS-10s and if I had the room, I’d have 'em as well.

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A relative if mine has HR624s. They have a little less low end than the HR824s I had but they have a very nice response IMO. I’m a fan of Mackie HRs and Adams. I don’t think you can make the wrong decision with either.


Just wanna say that I love the Title.

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Frequency Response :
A7X : 42 Hz - 50 kHz
A8X : 38 Hz - 50 kHz
My Adam ANF10 (passive) : 50Hz - 35 kHz

I got to say that the ANF10 have benefited a lot from the addition of a Sub. So maybe 38 or 42 Hz will be enough oomph in the Sub.


I have a 12” sub with my T7Vs. It’s barely on unless I’m just listening, but just having that hint of 30s underlying actually does help. I do most of my mixing with it nearly off, but then bump it up to check the lows.


So… I’ve done some sessions in a place with A7Xs, and they’re awesome, I really want them for my own studio! But I couldn’t afford them when I got new monitors a while back, and instead went for the newly released (at the time) T7Vs. Honestly, they shift some great low end - mates who run 8 inchers like the Yamaha HS8s etc. are often surprised at the quality and low end punch of the T7s. The A7Xs offer better quality in every department, and I’d imagine they’ll do you well / be a comparator to your much older 8ers. If you spring for the A8Xs… Let us know just how huge they punch down the bottom!


Exactly. I have a 10’’ Sub and it’s very subtle but it makes a big difference.


You know, there’s something to be said for gear you’re used to working on as opposed to just fancy or standard. (And not to say that NSes aren’t both of those :smiley: ) IMO you get good results when you know the gear inside and out. If you love working on the NSes, switching to something else is going to present the same learning curve as your original favorites. It’s fun to try something new, and it can be inspiring, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be more productive or proficient on it. I’m sure if I switched back to HR824s it would feel like “coming home”. However, I think I’ve spent enough time off of them now, that it wouldn’t matter as much. You learn the tricks of what you use over time, and I think that is more valuable than the gear itself.