GAS: Talk me out of feeling like I NEED a Sub37

I’ve got a Sirin, I’ve got a Prophet Rev2 8v, I’ve got a Korg Monologue (which is really some wild bang for buck and I suggest everybody buy one :rofl: ).

I NEED some kind of OTB rhodes/wurli and have my eye on a Reface CP (wanted to fall in love with the nord electro but haven’t since playing on em).
I NEED to upgrade to Apollo x8 (on the twin quad now)
I really don’t need the Sub37 as far as sonics missing in my rig/production.

I feel like I have it covered. But I’ve seen/heard some wild stuff come from the sub37 and they just plain look fucking amazing :rofl::rofl::rofl: I just kinda want that over-the-top-UI bastard in my life haha

Edit: I guess don’t take this post too seriously. Just nerding out and have 10 mins left on my lunch break :upside_down_face:

What helps for me is to browse and pretend it’s all aimed at me. Makes me want to focus on what I have :stuck_out_tongue:


You really don’t need the Sub37 as far as sonics missing in your rig/production


haha. never seen this before

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hahaha rad thanks :slight_smile:

this is amazing thanks for that!

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Yes, the Sub37 is fun to play in a live situation and nearly every important function is directly on the surface. I love it, for this and for its sound. At least it wouldn’t hurt to add a Sub37. It sounds great and it’s more versatile than the Sirin :wink:

Just buy it.

Your music’s great and this will just add more awesomeness.

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hehe hey thanks :slight_smile:

@SoundRider definitely more versatile. that said i mostly use the sirin for mid and high register leads and that lil nugget SINGS so beautifully. i can’t get enough of it. one day. it will be mine.

Master the heck out of the Rev2. There’s a lot more sonic possibilities with that than the sub37. Don’t get me wrong I love Moog. I have a voyager myself. It’s a nice to have item. If I needed a workhorse I would point to the Rev2 to do my heavy lifting for writing bass, keys, leads, and even percussive sounds on a track.

I don’t have a rev2, but knowing what I know now I would do damage with that synth.

Not getting any work done today…


you’re not wrong. it’s beautiful. i started learning it by watching this floor up tutorial and reading the manual, making my own patches. didn’t even listen to presets for the first 2-3 weeks. it’s an incredible synth and it sounds amazing. don’t let anybody tell you any different. the on-board effects are pretty bleh though, but i’d say that only speaks for the synth considering it sounds amazing without them on (unlike a few other brands’ recent flagships)

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You don’t really need a Sub37 but you didn’t really need the minilogue either if you had the Rev2. Machines are suppose to give us inspiration, if you want Sub37 to become your new toy, then make it work, make a full album with it, make it count for the money you’ll spend. It’s all about the use of it. If you’ll play with it a bit and then stop, what’s the point?

Well, I have the Prophet 8, which is the predecessor of the Rev2 and a Sub37. Partially I would agree and disagree … :wink:

AFAIK the Rev2 has almost the same synth engine as the Prophet 8, it has 2 DCOs and Curtis chips for filters, giving us 12dB/Oct or 24db/Oct LP. IMO the filters are great for many bread and butter sounds, but they lack a particular personality, if I compare them to filters from Moog, Oberheim, or even other Dave Smith synths.

If we compare the monophonic features only …

The advantage of the P8/Rev2 is definitely the 4 LFOs, 3 envelopes (1 can loop), and a very flexible modulation routing … great for all kinds of moving pads and atmospheres … but that would be a particular polyphonic task …

The Sub37 uses VCOs and a Moog ladder filter with 24/18/12/6 db/Oct. It has two very versatile envelopes, which go to audio-rates and can loop, and it has two LFOs. The modulation busses are versatile. IMO the Sub37 is a synth, which is a big sweet spot by its own right.

It’s maybe not fair to copmare this, but switch on the P8/Rev2 and listen to the inital patch. Well it’s something, which is not bad, very clean, and we have to tweak many knobs to get to a great sound. Switch on a Sub37, it’s Moog, warm and rich, just so. IMO this is advantage and disadvantage at the same time. If we love Moog, we are already there, if we want something non-Moog-ish, bad luck.

For monophonic sounds I like the Sub37 much more than the P8, because for me it has more personality. But this might be different for others … :wink:


yeah they’re hardly redundant. that said i don’t think people should restrict the Rev2 to pads and strings (as they often do), though i can see why one might.

Where the sub37 really shines is playability. Its probably the best touring analog synthesizer you can get due to its size, build, and sheer sound. In the studio, I would not say its a necessity, considering you already have a Sirin for moog sounds and monologue for the more weirder sound design.

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this is valuable. i don’t plan on touring any time soon. quit djing/performance/nightlife recently to focus on the day job and production. thx. that said i mostly record my synths as live takes, not sending midi from DAW. that may change but just my flow lately. still, valuable feedback!

Its a fantastic synth, sounds really modern and aggresive, as many people have said, but based off your setup, you could use the 1000$ on other more useful things :smiley:

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The Sub37 is TERRIBLE! Don’t waste your money on that POS…

There, did that help? …probably not :slight_smile:


:rofl::rofl: na now i need three.