GAS: Talk me out of feeling like I NEED a Sub37

i borrowed one for a project.

it’s the most high quality synth i’ve ever used. it oozes quality. it sounds so good, it does so little.

i make samples for work and was worried i’d want one : really it wouldn’t suit me, the quality is so high it’s really for a talented synth bass player.

it does sound magical.

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interesting point. i’m definitely not a skilled player, and to be frank the best videos of i’ve seen using the thing have been played by just that type of musician. good shout.

Yeah it’d be a bit wasted on me - I need stuff with huge scope for sound not glorious build quality. It’s very much a musical instrument in a way cheaper synths aren’t as much.

Prophets are worth a go. Almost as amazing feeling but more variety fx etc.

Having said that my Mrs was angry when I had to send the moog back. It is incredibly lovely.

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I finally bought one some time ago, but noticed that I am not so much into the moog sound, especially moog leads. I was still able to get some (other) great results, but in the end I wanted a wider range of other sounds and traded it (plus cash) for a PEAK and I am happy and don´t look back :wink:
It was the most beautiful synth I ever had though :rofl:

Dude, you need an octatrack mk 2. After seeing you pick up the digitone, I’m pretty sure it will be super easy for you :rofl:

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you need the sub… just get it. it’s life. it’s supposed to be filled with nice things.


If you’re looking for end all be all analog mono, the sub37 is pretty great. I feel like the choice should be based on whether you’ll have more fun with siren+monologue or just sub37. Two basicish monosynths or one mega monosynth.

Honestly, I’m only saying this as we have known each other for years, you should get it, you deserve it

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GAS: Talk me out of feeling like I NEED an OT mk2! :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks a lot man, you’re too kind! I’m a bit worried that if I look at more OT tutorials, I’ll start to imagine what it’s like to work on it, then feel crestfallen when I want to do things it can do on the DT or DN :persevere:

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Are we talking Tribute Edition or Subsequent? IMO the Tribute is zen magic :unicorn:

I think the grandmother/matriarch sound better then the subs

stay with the digis. they seem to be made for you :slightly_smiling_face:


@Unifono Matriarch sounds great however I’m not into the color scheme & patch cabling.
The sub37 is much more visually pleasing to me (even w/ the power off).

Yeah, I was just joking. @Eaves still has a lot of videos to make with the DN.


Every sound you could ever need is already in your computer. Download a free VST with a pretty UI and put your money in an interest-bearing savings account. Fun stuff :ecstatic:

Don’t Do It!!!

you should definitely buy 2.

I love my sub37.
I also have a phatty as well but its not the same thing without the duophony, and can find uses for the 2 that are seperate and have worked out ways (with the chorus of the A4) to make them sit together in a track even though they are voiced the same.

The thing i love about the sub37 is that it begs to be interacted with, the interface is such a pleasent experience you cant keep your hands off it. Im not a keys player but its making me into one, slowly…its still my favourite synth. Not that versatile, but lord does it do what it does well. It just begs for your attention and gets it.

Now, saying that i recently bought an A4 mkii, and sonicly it can do the sound close enough, and a shit tone more…its just more menu divey and less “experiential” and less imediate. But cover 5 times the sonic territory. With the effects its a far better choice, and so is the Dave Smith if choices are what you want.

You wont regret a sub37 if you get one, its my benchmarch from which i measure all other gear in many ways.


Look how terrible the Sub37 looks along the Rev2! I want to get rid of my Moog everytime I enter my studio.


Get something with character.

Microvolt has bags of it.

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Hmm you should probably get a Pro 2 it will help you feel like you dont need to buy a Sub 37 as much for a few days. (Seriously though pro 2 has been my gas killer, so many options while having 2 filters that both pack a lot of character. I think the nord g2 is another gas killer)

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