Gas rescue mission - analog mono synth edition

Hi Everyone,

I’m fighting some gas lately, as part of my brain wants a Pro 3, Sub37, or similar analog mono synth.

Before I start saving up my pennies to pursue that, I want to see how close I can get to the sound with my current pure digital gear (DT, Argon 8, and Omnisphere VST).

I know the Pro 3 is just as much about the hands-on experience, but I want to start with seeing if the character and sound is something truly out of reach for me.

Can someone point me to a particular example, or patch that they feel would be very difficult to achieve otherwise? YT videos are hit and miss on sound quality, so I really want something that owners of analog gear can attest to. Please note I’m looking for sounds and sequences more than an improvised knob twisting performance, but I’m open to people telling me that knob twisting is what something like a Pro 3 is all about.

As far as what analog sounds inspire me, listening to Situation by Yaz / Yazoo on a high end stereo system is what started my endless fascination with synths.

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It’s a cliche that I’ll get pelters for but if you do get an analogue mono you’ll notice the depth, girth and presence of analogue compared to your digital synths. Nothing against digital, I’ve just got a Hydrasynth, but my monos sound fatter than my digitals. The two sounds play well together too.

Great choice with Situation too! One of my fave songs!


Inhalt always does very good patch demos…


Something that stops me from just buying more synths is thinking about the desk real estate that I need to sacrifice.
Getting good results and knowledge of how to create this or that sound on my gear will be much easier when I know my gear by heart. And to make that happen I will benefit from having good ergonomics in mind when interacting with the gear. More gear will require stretching my body in perhaps uncomfortable positions. Resulting in not spending the time I need for getting that in-depth knowledge of my stuff.
All that being said I think there might be room for an analog synth in your setup. And having close to one knob per function like that Pro3 or Sub37 is king for gaining know how of a synth. But great analog mono sound could also be achieved with less expensive (analog) gear.


Thanks, that is a great demo!

I love the part that starts at 24m:15s, this is me trying to do something similar on the Argon8:

I used the onboard distortion, filter res, and FEG decay, no post processing.
Now I need to go back and listen to see if it’s anywhere close :slight_smile:

Edit: Also here is one from Omnisphere:


There’s more to a synth than just its sound.
(Same goes for any musical instrument)

Look and feel are vital ingredients.

Unless you dont care about that sort of thing.

‘Close’ depends on how close you want to get?

Easiest gas solution… dont buy anything, just use what you have.


You might consider sampling a few YouTube vids with your Digitakt. If you know your way around midi loopback, set up 3 tracks for 3 oscillators (single cycle waveform) and control all three with a midi track. DT can be pretty immense, esp. w/ the compressor.
But if you are looking for one knob per function, the particular sound, and a new interface to be inspired by, then you should get a new instrument!


That’s exactly my thinking at the moment :slight_smile:

This ^
I’ve been surprised many times making basses with the DT. Single cycle waves can sound suprisingly good.


Korg Monologue maybe? Quite cheap compared to Moog, Sequential, etc. stuff and a relatively simple to use control panel and sequencer.

If the Dreadbox Typhon came out the same time as the Monologue I’d have a much harder time deciding, as I’m quite fond of the Dreadbox sound.

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Thanks! The Typhon is looking really interesting. Has a beefy sound to it.

the problem with mono synths is that it’s never too many of them.

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I don’t know, Gino, I’ve heard a huge breadth of great sounds come out of the Argon; and Omnisphere, well, it just goes on and on really… But, if I were to go with another synth, given the two choices you’ve mentioned above, it’d be the Sub37 all the way.

That said, if it’s just about sounds, I think you’ve got what you need already. Aesthetic and workflow, on the other hand, only you can account for that.


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Have you considered the AS-1? You could use the VST editor and a midi controller to create as many direct to knob functions as your controller has to offer. Or sequence it from the DT. The sound quality is beautiful and massive.


I started my own anti-modular GAS rescue mission by playing with miRack. :sunglasses:

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I don’t know of any soft synth that gives me the sound and more importantly the FEEL to the sound that I get out of my Dreadbox synths. Now I’m not saying the sound can’t be approximated, but then approximation isn’t really what buying an analog synth (or any synth for that matter) is about.

Of course if you approach it from a “can I cover most sounds with what I have?” angle then the answer is most certainly “yes you can.”

But if you are looking for a particular flavour, a particular experience, “close enough” won’t quite satisfy that itch.

My point: Have a look at the Sub37 or the Pro3, maybe try them out somewhere. If you feel and hear something you love and want, go for it, otherwise don’t.

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that’s not nearly enough synths. I say go for it.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback! It helps me think this through.

Part of this is that in a few months I’m planning to move my meager set of music gear into a bigger room and start a studio in my house, and with more space I want 2 things. First an analog mono synth that can get nasty + visceral, and second will be an 88 key controller or digital piano for composing. Both of those will stay in my home studio, as I already have my music case for band sessions. My thinking is that I can sample cool stuff from the mono, and take it with me when needed.

Lots of other things on the list like sound proofing, audio routing, etc, but first I want to start with something fun :slight_smile: a beast analog mono synth to explore.

As a few of you point out, it’s best to try it first, and I’m going to commit to that.

Edit: Did some calling and there are no stores that have a Pro 3 or Sub 37 to try in my area.
I guess the next best thing is SweetWater’s 14 day return policy.
I wonder if they would frown on me buying both of them to decide between them :slight_smile:

Go for it, LOTS of people do that…actually most YouTube reviewers do that too :slight_smile:

For the same reason French-fries taste better when you eat them with your fingers.



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No, no, no… No.

I’m sorry, I love y’all, but this is the worst policy in retail these days. When I buy something “new”, I want it to be NEW.


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