Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth

It just seems to use visual sensors to scan patterns on the discs. So the mechanical element is more novelty rather than a mechanical oscillator. Because the waveform is generated from a mere graphical pattern on a piece of paper is less impressive than it appears at first glance. The only effect we’re hearing in the demo is the slew between changing pitch as the the motor changes speed. The actual audio is generated electronically rather than pure mechanics if you know what I mean.

“The Motor Synth has two ways of producing its core sound.

Firstly, magnetic pickups are placed on each of its eight electromotors; the spinning coils result in a very industrial-sounding, over-the-top analogue tone.”

“ Secondly, specially designed reflective optical disks have been attached to the shafts of each electromotor. Each disk contains a graphical representation of three standard audio wave-shapes. As the electromotors spin, the disks are set into circular motion, and each wave-shape is read by a dedicated set of infrared sensors, then converted into an audio signal.”


Fair enough - I’m purely going on the demos I’ve actually heard - which sound like utter arse. Would love to be proved wrong.

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I’ve heard great sounds coming out of the soma stuff though. Same opinion as @xmit above. I’m genuinely curious to hear what you plan to do with it, not just trying to slag the thing off

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the Soma Labs Lyra is a beautiful instrument - a lot of people indulge its somewhat chaotic side, but it has a very intuitive, musical side too… almost akin to playing something like a cello or something… it really responds to the player. That ‘organic’ thing of adding a little of it’s own variance in there depending on quite what you do with it is really unique. I have some lovely synthesizers, but I think the Lyra is the closest thing I have to an ‘instrument’ …

I like it, I’d probably buy it but I can’t afford it right now.

Just crazy! Imagine what this would do, not only to the sound, in your studio.

Ive just looked at this Synth…looks awesome and has so much sonic potential…snyone got any experience or thoughts on this unique Synth…?

I believe that the optical side of generating sound is one of the methods there is also a more mechanical process involved swell…thats what ive picked up from the videos…

Anyone know the price once these are released again? I’ve seen 1299 and also 1999.

Where did you get the higher figure? The lower one is closer to what I’ve seen it for. You know you’ll use this thing for about two hours, right?

I specifically will only use it for two hours?

Colour me cynical, but I don’t see this holding anyone’s interest for very long. I watched some videos on it when it was released. Of course, your mileage may vary.

Lol as long as it’s just personal towards me


I’m less interested in acquiring a Motorsynth after some of my other 2021 purchases, but it’s still a fairly interesting instrument. The arp, sequencer and motion recording pull it back in a more tonal direction than a lot of noise oriented synths. That could make it easier to function in a band, or just sit better in the mix with other synths.

It seems strange that they didn’t go for more of a Hammond sound. Virtual tonewheels seem to be a solid product category, and a compact module with visibly spinning discs could be cool.

Or maybe 2022 will see the rise of Harsh Noise Gospel, Witch 2.0 Dracula House, or vantablack-fingernailpolish-gaze. Motor could be perfect for any of those.


Motor synth mk2

And a demo at the bottom of this page


Tried the OG once. Was very cool, but did not find the sound the most compelling. Interested to see what they’ve done with it.

So who is gonna John Cage this thing first?

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It’s really beautiful and sounds great with the new digital oscillator and other goodies.


It sounds fantastic!

Totally unique, love that they’re doing this - seems like a real passion project and I loved that jam at the end. Living up to their name :slight_smile:

Out of my budget unfortunately but I’d love to play with one one day…

That ‘clutch’ feature is genius too. I agree with him, every synth should have one!

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