Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth


A few thoughts after watching this.

The machine “looks” awesome.
I wasn’t impressed at all by the sounds he demo’d.
Why did he have to prepare sounds to demo, instead of already having them ready for the show?
They should have a price listed.

I like how bonkers this is, bravo to them. I definitely won’t be getting one!

Did this guy ever touched this machine before he demoed it ? :rofl:

That’s what I thought when I watched the video. He looks totally unprepared and it sounds bad.


your scientists were so preoccupied whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should

-Jeff goldblum, Jurassic park


This is the most exciting synth to me out of all the recent new synths. I’m definitely getting one.


richard devine did a thing


That is so sick. I can’t wait to get mine. This thing sounds more analog than any analog synth I’ve ever heard.

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what’s the other saturator box thing ?


Is that a good thing? Not gonna lie I think it sounds pretty terrible

It’s a synth with motors as oscillators. I’m not sure what you expect it to sound like, but this isn’t something I’m imagining making lush pads with.

I’m most interested in the scary, gnarly sounds this is capable of. So yeah, the way it sounds is a good thing imo.


I’m very into this thing. The demos on the indigogo page are way better.

It’s extremely industrial and ideal for someone like me who likes dirty, grinding sounds that are also playable melodically.
Add some deep filtering with a bit of res and delay/reverb and it takes me to the post future retro steam punk dystopian utopia that lives in my head.
I just ordered a Digitone which kinda does that for me too but in a different way. Hopefully the great and powerful Cthulhu will bless me with more money before the preorder period expires.

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Call me uncreative but I think I’ll have to wait till more vids pop up to even see potential in it. You can always make unmusical gnarly noise with gear that also has musical applications, I don’t see the potential in something that only seems to generate horrible noises. Different strokes though aye

The motors would definitely have me worried about the lifespan of this thing.


I wouldn’t know for sure, but I saw an interview at Superbooth where they said the motors were the same ones used in drones and the prototype has been stable for a very long time

Ahh… good old Gamechanger Audio with another product that looks absolutely fantastic & sounds absolutely like garbage. That Plasma pedal is exactly the same.

All fur coat & no knickers these lads.

I’m confused by everyone’s negativity towards this synth. There’s like a million synths to choose from. Just don’t choose the one with motors as oscillators if this obviously does not appeal to you.

I don’t understand how instruments created by Soma Labs, which have far less control that isn’t random, aren’t hated upon the same way.

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There’s no friction being applied to the motors, and they’re resilient drone motors that aren’t being pushed nearly as far as they typically are.