FromSoftware Games Thread

Lots of posts/interest spread across numerous other threads and Elden Ring is out 25 Feb 2022 - seems like a good time for a separate thread


Good idea.

Haven’t seriously played any and don’t plan to anytime soon but I love what I’ve seen of them and enjoy watching people talk about them. Hope Elden Ring lives up to the hype for yall.


I am a super-fan of FromSoftware, and am gleefully anticipating Elden Ring. Just finishing up getting the platinum trophies for Dark Souls 2 SotFS and Sekiro.


This I had to give up on, fuck that giant white monkey.

And if I hear ‘For the glory of Ashina’ one more time I’ll go on a rampage.

There is difficult and there is unfair, for me Sekiro was on the unfair scale, up there with the Tank boss fight without a save point afterwards in Ninja Gaiden (enter number here)…

BUT I can’t wait for Elden Ring


Haha yes, that giant white monkey took me a while. He’s a pushover compared to some of the later bosses which I don’t want to spoil in case you go back to it.

I agree though, Sekiro was a little unbalanced. It did feel like Ninja Gaiden actually, not sure what it is with Japanese developers creating rock-hard ninja-themed games! I loved Sekiro because it reminded me more of Tenchu than anything else, but with the SoulsBorne sensibilities of dying loads, getting back to your ‘bloodstain’ and levelling up.

Have you watched any of the gameplay from the Elden Ring network test? Looks crazy fun.

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:eyes: Can you share a link?

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Also a good time to update the thread title to something more meaningful ‘Discussion: Elden Rings’


Only did Dark Souls when it came out on PC, and what an experience. I am definitely not in the “git gud” crowd, but I really believe that the difficulty is part of the story telling as stated by Miyazaki (even if it was morphed into a marketing point afterwards).

Didn’t have the patience to do any other of those, however I watched religiously a lot of let’s plays (hello EpicNameBro) and lore videos (hi Vaatividya) just because the lore and stories are so fascinating.

I suspect I will be doing the same for Elden Ring.

Do we only want to speak about this one?

Vaati did a great playthrough, I like his style:

ENB is a legend and he helped me so much with enjoying all the secrets and lore implications of Dark Souls!


I’m torn, because I want to participate in this thread, but also I don’t want to know anything about ER before it’s released.

I’m a huge From fan and have played through all of their recent games (except the Sekiro true final boss :grimacing:)


Jeebuz. That looks absolutely gorgeous.

Those fights are things of beauty…looking in on an expert from the outside. When I fire up Dark Souls, I just lose my effin mind and turn it off immediately.

My GPU meets only the minimum requirements anyway and I’m not about to upgrade to something more satisfying in this market (excusesexcuses)

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Ha, same here. I avoided everything I could about Sekiro after the first trailer and it took some doing because it’d been out for quite a while before I finally made time for it. Incredible game though, it was the first one of theirs where I just went straight into playing through NG+ without any sort of break. Loved it.

I’m away from home for the foreseeable so only have access to a Series S at the moment, though my PC might’ve struggled anyway based on the quite high looking system requirements. Really hoping performance improves upon what I read about the network test but optimisation definitely isn’t FROM’s strong suit in general.


I have a soft spot for Demon’s Souls as me and my mates were among the first in the UK to import the Asian versions of the game before it hit other shores. Bloody fantastic game but showing its age a bit.

DS3 is excellent and Bloodborne is my favourite of the entire FromSoft catalog. You’re going to love it.


Yes, Bloodborne is the best one.


I imported it back then as well, as much as I found it intriguing I ended up bouncing off it in the way people often do with Souls games. Looking back I was probably very close to that moment when the way you have to approach them (both mentally and in mechanical terms) ‘clicks’ but at the time I just figured it wasn’t for me.

Gave it another go when it turned up on PS Plus and haven’t been able to get enough since, solo’d everything multiple times including the classic SL1 Dark Souls run, Bloodborne platinum etc.

Just remembered I uploaded some videos for my mate when I was trying a caster for the first time, I got lucky once or twice here but you pretty much have to with this pair of arseholes:

I hate that area. Worst run back to a boss they’ve ever done I think, especially considering it’s a pretty tough boss.

Being that there’s a dedicated thread for video games and that the first few posts were specific to Elden RIngs (and the title is vague), that is why I suggested the thread title change. It’s vague and a person can’t see at a glance what’s different about this video game thread and the existing video games thread.

That’s all :slight_smile: Carry on!

Yeah, luck or lack of it definitely becomes much more of a factor when there’s multiple bosses at once. II has some pretty irritating gank squad bosses, alongside some of the best bosses in the series (Fume Knight, Alonne). Such an uneven game but still pretty damned good.

I get the feeling that the multi-bosses are designed around summoning, which I don’t really like to do.

Hell yeah so happy to see this thread. Greetings fellow elektro-tarnished

  • Minimize yer equip load for fast roll
  • Summon Solaire
  • Beat Ornstein first
  • Try to create some distance between them
  • Roll to dodge their attacks, and attack them from their LEFT side
  • Don’t use your shield; wield your weapon two handed
  • Don’t use lock-on
  • Be patient and don’t get greedy

That fight and so many others in DS1 are so much easier once you unlock