Free noise samples : )

I asked a few weeks ago if anyone might share some noise samples.

So finally I made my body move to the dam where alot of nice noisy water flows and I did some recordings with my H5. Also some recordings of the nearby river.
All recordings are 4 sec long but perfectly loopable (to save space) and natural just a little lowcut was made.

Feel free to use, if you like it :slight_smile:

Maybe we can share noise samples here in this place?


I made a samplepack from the rc 20 plugin :slight_smile:


Nice, thank you!

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Awesome Great Thread Thanks!!!

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Thanks for these:)

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I love this forum.

These are just a couple of short noise loops I recorded from the Boomstar Quadnic and a few filters some while ago, to serve as raw source for hi-hat sounds (don’t blow your ears out).

I had some really good fun with these, with slightly 808ish results, which was kind of the point. Some are a bit samey and should have been filtered out, sorry just lazy. (2.2 MB)