Looking for some nice (white) noise sample packs

Sup everyone :3lektron:

anyone got some nice noise sample packs? As many different as possible (white/brown/pink/vinyl crackle/airplane whatever…)

Would be awesome <3

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Following out of interest.

Current research into similar has had me considering making my own with samples using Audiothing Noises plug-in but interested in recommendations from others.

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Just make your own surely?
If you have a sampler, sample the inputs with nothing plugged in, normalise it, = white noise.

Add a filter, resample = coloured noise

Sample rate reductuon/bit rate reduction = crackle

Bit of imagination = any noise you want.


Use a field recorder or maybe even your Phone to record any kind of noise you hear in the real World :slight_smile:


Some helpful recommendations but think we have to credit the OP to have considered these sorts of options and they’ve decided they’re seeking a pre-prepared, one-stop shop, library of sorts.

I used to use Detunized as a great source of high quality field recordings and ambiences.
Their website has been down for months but some packs available through 3rd parties still.
More ‘ambience’ than noise-focused but might get you closer to your goals.


Not a sample pack but a plug-in that reacts to your source material or can be soloed:


I would recommend Goldbaby’s Dirt And Layers sample pack and they’ve even got a July sale on the go just now…


For others who prefer a DIY approach, Audacity can generate various colors of noise for free.

I have many gigabytes of various kinds of noise - urban noise from a few different cities, public transit (rail) noise, noise inside airliners, etc. I’d need to catalog the noise, cut up some interesting pieces, and ensure that there isn’t any dialog recorded or anything else that could be problematic from a privacy perspective.

DM me if you are interested in my noise collection. If there is enough interest, I’ll prioritize making a sample pack.


I recommend sampling the various noise types in RC-20 Retro Color. I did this ages ago and have used those samples in loads of projects.

There are also websites that are noise generators. Route the audio into your DAW and resample.

Also plenty of free Reaktor noise ensembles.

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something like this?

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dude, this thread is about noise samples, not your sample pack advertisement!

great advice, already have rc 20, will do!

Um, this has nothing to do with sample packs?

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wow thats amazing!

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Enjoy. :smiley:

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