Fors Opal users thread

Opal is a software groovebox and a collection of synths by the company Fors, clearly inspired by Elektron. Indeed created by Ess, who used to work at Elektron.

It’s a Max for Live device that runs inside Ableton Live Suite and Ableton Live Standard with Max for Live.

In depth description and sound examples at

The manual:

I recently bought Opal, and I already love it. There doesn’t seem to be a proper Opal users thread here, so consider this it.

I’m just a beginner with Opal, so I’m starting this thread to learn from more experienced users.

Here is a general thread about Ess and Fors:

Tip: Opal and Fors’ other devices are 30% off until June 9!


I also just bought it in the sale, I am hoping it will end up on P3 Standalone at some point. It’s pretty cool, amazing what can be done with MAX now-a-days!


Just grabbed in the sale too. I think I’ve got most Fors devices now

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I might add that any tutorial videos would be most welcome. Preferably short and focused on specific features.

Like this one:


Narration sounds like CGI Luke Skywalker… nice :+1:

Also, finally picked it up… that price is absolutely ridiculous for what it offers.


Sort of a less intimidating “Hector”!


Dang glad I waited to buy didn’t see the discount until this thread.

I’m hoping Opal helps with my remorse for selling my MD and not getting a Rytm :upside_down_face:

Does anyone have Chiral? Not sure if I just like the idea of it but seems like it’d go well with my new osmose.


Yes, it’s an amazing synth. Can only recommend it! Haven’t used the MPE functions with an MPE controller though.

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I could not for the life of me get opal to work with my keyboard or external gear. Not exactly new to live, i was stumped. Is everyone using this thing with a mouse? cheers

If I understand correctly, the ”groovebox” part of Opal is computer only, but the individual synths can be loaded on to their own midi tracks in Ableton and controlled with push or other outboard midi gear.


Opal-Ctl should be able to send midi to external synths, but I’m unsure if it can be programmed per step externally. Perhaps now with Push it could be, but I can’t test or say for certain. I think maybe some earlier posts in the Fors thread might comment on that point.

Hi Opalians :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you experience a difference between starting Opal via the Opal.als or the Opal.amxd file?

My first impression is that the colour scheme is different. What else works different?

Hey gang. Posted this in the other thread, and Ess has been super nice to try and figure out a solution, but just wanted to see if anyone else is getting CPU usage spikes when using Opal. It’s weird. Just hovering over an unassigned modulation knob can cause it to spike real quick. Anyone else? Suggestions, outside the usual “how to fix pops/cracks” Ableton topics?


Ken controlling Opal with push 3


Man those Push 3s sure do look real nice.

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Seriously considering picking up Opal on sale right now just so I have it ready to go whenever I finally upgrade to Live Suite. :sweat_smile:


Just do it regardless. It’s a slick package, and all sale!. I paid full price and have 0 regrets.

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My PC is a modest and quasi obsolete W 10 / I5 cpu and i have around 8% usage on loading and 25% as soon as i press play with all engines on (except samples)
No funny stuff with modulation knob.

On the topic of it’s instant greatness, here’s two Instances of “Surprise me” Opal that runs untouched for a few seconds…damn !