Fors Opal users thread

ohh nice and crispy… that’s tight ( do the kids even use the term anymore?)

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who cares what the kids say, it is tight, dope, lit, the shizz,hep, Rad, on point, the bees knees, that’s what’s up, the cool, twisted, totally tubular man, no cap!!


Does Fors offer a bundle deal for all of his/their M4L devices? I didn’t see anything on the sales site.

Anyone know if you can export midi from the sequencer with Opal?

You can from Opal-Ctl.

Nice work everyone!

Convinced me to pick up Opal on this last day of the sale (coupon code juni).

Also picked up Glanta, which also works with the code.


Haven’t really tried to play with Opal’s Melodic/Synth possibilities so i’ve started a little something as a test for a “Total groovebox” approach.

The pattern switching is still a bit tricky sometimes :
I had to make automations changes slightly offbeat to prevent unhappy transitions between pattern.
It works well in a Legato style but strict switches on beat are often causing clashes.
It can produce intersting transitions but in most cases you need patterns to switch smoothly.
Maybe i’m missing something…good thing is that it’s still negociable.

One Opal for Drums/Bass synth (kind of) + another one for the lead synth.


I had tried to find out if there was a “bundle” deal for Fors’ devices, but after reading your post, I used the coupon code to pick up nearly the entire “suite” of M4L devices. Thanks!

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I made a 3 track, all parameters mapped, SH-101 (Tal), ‘‘surpriser’’. My logic was that SH-101 is king of the giant sweetspots, and how could it not churn out endless techno loops?

It does (with some patience and a lot of clicking).

I’ve just recorded hours of material - will have to share some choice loops, but have a lot to sift through


any recommendations for the best small midi controller for opal?

namely some knobs n buttons for mutes n a few select parameters.

gonna have a li’l deep dive n see what’s not suited to the job.


Picked up Opal but don’t even have a supported live license anymore. Opal is kind of like Digitone mk2 huh?

opal-ctrl isn’t showing in my live browser. I have all the amxd’s in the max device folder, all of em show up & work in live apart from ctrl which I can’t seem to locate in live. any idea?

here’s screenshots of my live browser & the corresponding opal folder.

Have you looked in the “user library”?


ah-ha, it’s in there. eureka.

Thanks mono, legend.



Cheers! :thup: :ecstatic:


installing was indeed a chore, but it was so worth it!

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Bought it (full price but that’s fine). Loving the sounds, and I get why the main Opal has no automation due to the integrated sequencer… but it’d be so cool if I “remote control” the ui with buttons and knobs somehow, to really get that elektron “hold a step, turn a knob” workflow. Touchpad’s just so slow in comparison.


I 100% agree, I got Opal with the sale after being on the fence for a long time and I used it exactly one time as I can’t enjoy using it with a mouse.
At least it remembered me why I ended up spending stupid money on modular stuff.

a global probability control (like chance on elektron digi’s) would be neat. maybe there’s a shortcut already I don’t know about.
maybe holding shift when dragging a steps probability could work for all steps?
that would be a big time/QOL saver for me.

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Would something like a LaunchControl XL work?