Focused February


It’s Feb 2019 and I heard people are using only 1 instrument, device, application, etc to make music this month…Maybe we post some “focused” music here?

Here’s a start. Just 1 application (no 3rd party plugs), some samples, and my voice (please don’t laugh) :worried:


Digging this track! What program did you use to make it?

I think Jade Wii (Dawless Jammin’) was the one to put the idea forward in this video.

I think it’s a great excuse to really learn one of our existing pieces of gear. I’m considering cheating and hooking the OP-Z up to the Blofeld in multi-timbral mode to learn the OP-Z sequencer and Blofeld sound design better.


Thank you! and thanks for sharing that link.

Ok. I’m inspired now to keep jamming.

I used Ableton btw. The synths are Operator


Mate! That’s got a proper Derek Carter vibe!
Great :smiley:


Love me some Operator. Been using it to make some chord/pad samples for the OP-Z.


She gave me a shout-out for it too! Hehe, I feel special. :hugs: I’m going to focus on only my Digitone this month, learn some more about it! Good luck to all in #FocusFeb


Okay then. Ill concentrate on using only the MPC this month once 2.4 drops (excluding existing projects and deadlines obvs)


That’s awesome everyone. Let’s do it. I’m going to continue to just use Ableton (effects, synths, etc) for the month of February :blush:

And thanks!!! @mightlife


You’re welcome. I was rockin’ out to that tune last night :slight_smile:

Just picked up an AR, so I might go hardcore into that with this philosophy.


Strangely enough, so did I. I might join you.


I like this idea. I’m going to participate as best I can. :v:


Oh, hi! I’ve posted it in the neighouring thread, but I guess it qualifies for this one, too.

This is Octatrack MkII only, 2 samples, 4 flex machines, 4 neighbours.


Was undecided between DT or DN.


Here’s 1 from today


Another short one for today


I’m into it! Cool


Focused on my favorite app at the moment :slight_smile:


The snare roll is the boss. These tracks sound like 1998 on steroids, especially when the ride cymbals kick-in.


Yeeeeh, sounds like a “Midnight Storm” on super chill R&B FM at 2am. It’s sounds expensive and beautiful, actually.


this was digitakt only