Focused February


Here’s a focused jam for ya! Digitakt only



Remaining focused :slight_smile:


Ambient stuff I did, usually use my DT only for drums so this one was nice to figure out.


only using ableton drum rack and max for live granulator. all sounds besides drums are the same original sample


OT only again, 2 original samples.


All in-the-box


using serum and one other sample only

kinda sounds like lightsabers lol


Volca modular only




AR2 track. Ok also some fx but if ableton with all its devices is allowed then i guess this too :wink:


Finally got a new iPad this past weekend, here’s a few recordings from AUM with Aparillo sequenced by Fugue Machine and processed with Discord4


this is fairly focused. all digitakt with some light ableton processing (mainly some extra delay sends to help glue transitions)


OT only again, 1 sample, 2 sample tracks, 2 FX tracks, ambient/noise/whatever.


going thru old digi files and remixing/ tracking them

digi only


I’m glad so many people are participating in Focused February! I have to admit I was going to focus initially on my Digitone, but I’ve been all over the map. I bought a Cyclone Analogic TT-606 and have been jamming that. I’ve worked on my DNB / Breakcore skills by loading breaks into my Machinedrum UW and also using a clone of Fast Tracker 2 for drum break programming as well, first dance with a tracker btw. Worked on my synth programming skills, specifically my Reese Bass.

I can officially say the only Digitone stuff I’ve done is a few Chiptune style tracks because I’ve never attempted them. So more power to all you Elektronauts staying focused, you are much more focused than I.