AH on the Master...not feeling it. Any advice?

Can you come and explain that to my neighbours, my wife and child and my dogs, please.

Also, thought I should add, it generally seems to sound better when the input and output meters are about the same level. Don’t know why, might be science, might be bullshit, who can say…


Woo, there’s a lot of good advice in here. I have some good starting points for creating a master insert preset.

Re: the meters, I believe the manual does say that you should try to get the input level as close to max (without going over, like The Price is Right!), In order to effectively drive the circuits. I agree that this is sometimes really tricky, as there are only four settings for the input. I also find it strange that, when used on the master insert from my SSL SiX, I have to use the “high” sensitivity. Maybe I’m not cranking the signal through the mixer enough? Hah.

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It’s several dB lower than the 1/4” in’s/cue’s.
Was told that when I got it. I can’t remember the exact figure.

Are you referring to the SiX? Interesting. If so, then that makes me feel better about how I put this setup together, heh.

Yeh, refing the Six. All I can read in the manual is that the insert send is at unity gain.
I’m gonna catch up with that sales guy someday soon (about an AH) and I’ll ask him about it.

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Thanks all, for the thoughts and suggestions; this has definitely inspired me to dig deeper and really get a better feel for the box. (Classic Elektron, right? You’ve gotta spend some time with it to get your head around it.)

The input sensitivity is tricky…I wish it saved as a preset setting rather than global. I’m currently maxing it out just under the threshold (as the manual suggests) - will have to try lower input volume.

That BUS-COMP looks super awesome, especially for the price. I’m also considering the RNLA (with AdamJay’s sidechain mod) to add some color in a compression scenario; the price and gig-friendliness of that box are attractive.

I haven’t even tried the AH yet as an insert effect. Looking forward to putting my BassStation through it (that unit sounds mindblowing through a Metal Zone).

And hell yeah enjoying this music from @Fin25. Is that the the AH’s Saturation in copious amounts on Paradise, Adam, ? https://nomasters.bandcamp.com/album/headache-techno-ep.

So much cookie-cutter stuff out there; you really have your own sound.


Thanks for listening.
Yeah, that track was from my “Saturate everything until piss comes out of it” phase.

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A different approach to taking the piss.

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You can do both. The AH on the Master (subtle) brings a lot to the overall sound of your Track. It just got that Presence you need/want.

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Do you know which thread @AdamJay was talking about this? I remember reading it… But I’ve been thinking of getting an RNLA to limit the drums on my AK. They are insane dynamic. Also would like to experiment with sidechain stuffs.


Thanx Adam

This is wicked…that headache stuff. Wow. Ha!!!

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Fair enough! if you want an analog sound to round off the edges on the master a subtle amount might be good… I normally just put a limiter on the master for tracks I’ve made to boost the level a bit and try to do things in the mix stage…
I’ve never really put distortion on the master but I always go for a clean sound, but if you are making heavy techno it might be perfect!

For me, the first 3 circuits (Clean Boost, Saturation or Enhancement) are the one to subtly go on the Master.

That’s the key. And, by the way, I always find that your productions sound professional.


…proper gainstaging is essential for any use of the ah…

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I brought it to use on the master channel and for sound design and I’m over the moon with it.

It sounds amazing on the master channel with light saturation or the clean boost circuit. In addition the EQ is perfect for sweetening the highs and lows. With regard to sound design, the filter and distortion circuits do as intended, authentically breakng up the signals.

I’m already thinking of analog heat 3, with 8 clean boost curcuits and the ability to route and use all 8 circuits at the same time, so the heat can become a proper analog mixing device.

Game changer…


This, maybe with just 4 circuits (clean, sat, enhanced, slight distortion) a 4band EQ, envelope follower, lfo
and stereo spread for every band.
In other words: a multiband enhancer unit…