FM workshop livestream + Live/DJ sets

Well, yes, in a drum machine is not that important but could be useful for tone and chord machine…

I don’t really see the need of an attack knob; maybe one " easy" way would be to implement it as a setting like I said, that setting could maybe share menu with LFO.
ENV Atk : Fast/Medium/Slow

I am used to use DFAM as a synth and just a fast/slow setting can make a huge difference sound wise really feel the need of an attack knob, I am used to use DFAM as a synth and were just a fast/slow attack setting can make a huge difference sound wise; to be true is one of the things that bothers me more about the cycles… I will have to live with it :sweat_smile:

Anyway; it is great little machine, lots of fun…and quite powerful, as can be seen right now…:upside_down_face:

Not saying it’s a hard no, but can’t promise anything either!


Is the show over? ?? resourceresidency disconected
Edit: working now

I loved the dude hiding behind the plant on this one for a couple minutes.


I ended up jamming the whole stream. That was great, and a nice variety. And the whole last half had it going on. They had the best plant collection I’ve ever seen, a dancing dog, mezcal, weed, and they were all having fun. Also enjoyed the Timecop set before that. Good times, and it made this “Shelter in Place” deal a whole lot better today for sure.

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Yes That was great! Me and my two other musical bro’s streamed while doing video chat across the country so we could discuss. Very fun day. Would absolutely love a complete series on FM / PM and I don’t know how you managed to put the DT UI on screen but that (along with all the other tools) was badass. Only a matter of time before the Elektron seed takes root and one or both end up getting one :joy: The jam was super tight too! Thanks again @Ess you are the mutha truckin MAN!


Please make this a semi-regular sound design hangout. That was a great relaxed format.

Actually that is a great question!
edit: around 32 min into the stream, Ess explains that is an inhouse tool :dizzy_face: but there is hope some version might become publicly available. :star_struck:


Managed to rewatch the stream last night. Really good stuff, especially the drifting explanations towards the end. That was inspiring. @Ess, seeing as you’re more of a practical type, how about some more specific ‘how to create X on the Digitone from scratch’? For example, a 909 kick, a chip tune lead synth, or wherever your imagination happens to take you on the day. I’m sure we would all geek out seeing you work your magic while explaining your reasoning with the DN screen visible at all times. Thanks again!


He has a full time job so hopefully Elektron has incentive to let him go off and add this kind of (IMO) massive value to the community as part of work assignments. From my perspective the better the core community knows these instruments and can show off what can be done through albums, YouTube tutorials, friends, couch jams, whatever, the more likely those inclined to pick them up will do so vs taking the Roland and Korg routes. Maybe it’s just me, but other than the flagship devices the Elektron line is not any harder to learn and in a lot of ways EASIER to learn than the 2 big names current equipment. Probably because of the very tight UX across the Elektron line. If it works like this here, it probably works like that over there (for the most part except for the models but even those have a LOT of the Elektron UX in them).

Just my pitch, take it or leave it :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah the extra care and attention given to us from the Elektron team, plus this community, is amazing! It’s one of the reasons why I prefer to buy from them over the big brands (though I do love Roland’s Boutiques too). It’s always great to hear from the synth makers about what inspires them and what makes them create these wonderful machines. The more social stuff they do, the better, plus they seem so down to earth and not only doing videos to sell more things :yellow_heart:


Agree 100% also some GREAT info is coming out of the Bitwig community on plumbing the depths of FM / PM and other great topics so search throes up too if anyone is interested between official Elektron interactions.


Could you deconstruct the PWM patch of you were able to grok it? I tried recreating the patch from the screenshot but got very different results.

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I haven’t tried (plus I have a JU-06A for that) and I’m about to start jamming with my partner so won’t have time to try it out. Buuuut, maybe this thread will help?

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It’s an interesting thread, but I would prefer to get a better understanding of the principle. Blindly reverse engineering it is pretty fun though :slight_smile:

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The zero day label album mindmelt has sysex for Digitone. I have not dig into it but it’s there if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Here’s the patch!


Thinking of doing another stream tonight and show some random Digitone tricks, seems that a lot of people were interested in that.

Maybe a very free form hangout style could be fun, I’ll play some patterns and show how they work and you can ask stuff.

How about 8pm CET ?


Nice one!

Yeah Digitone tricks sound great, I’m in!

Ok, 8PM tonight (25th) it is!