Finally, the perfect mixer? [Allen & Heath QuPac]


That’s funny because I was just telling myself how an OB6 module specifically would be a better long term plan as these digital mega mixers continue to evolve on the market and will hopefully release one that’s a bit more right-sized for my needs.


Of course.
Thing is, I can’t use my Multimix 12 FireWire mixer to record anymore, my late '11 MBP with FireWire port just died.
So I need a mixer+soundcard right now…


No hiccups encountered yet, but, well, still figuring it out. Need to buy a SSD for multitrack recording with it etc… But initial feelings are ”Why didn’t I get a digital mixer with full recall earlier” :sunglasses:

I will be posting a more indepth rant regarding the SQ soon. In hindsight, the Qu series represents better value for money, but I wanted to future-proof my investment (64x64 Dante I/O, 96kHz, expandability up to 48 channels)

I know I spent an new MBPs worth of cash on a mixer… but for me it feels worth it at this time. I always wanted a ”proper console style mixer”, this is my first. Imma learn it inside out like some of my elektrons.

I do have to say though - The Analog Heat is great for interfacing with a digital mixer! I can patch in the Heat now pretty much however I want on a song by song basis, using it on the master for one song, on the kick in another song and so on… Master sequencer sends pgm chng for the required settings for full recall on heat params. Good times!


I really wish elektron would make a mixer. w/ oled screen and parameter locking on everything. 4 USB inputs for elektron devices, allowing you to ‘stem’ out parts to the mixer.


Just a random thought but could you connect it to the thunderbolt port with an adapter?


Anyone have any thoughts on the new Mackie DL32s coming out? Looks amazing on paper.


Anyone has Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 USB?

You can can route in and out all the channels, meaning you can insert effects that run on a computer if you like. Or you can use computer as a send/return.

It features gate and comp in its channel strip.

And it’s almost half the price of Qu series and also half the weight and size.

It looks too good to be true.

The fact that it’s an old unit makes it affordable I think (but so is Qu).



I got an adapter and tried it on my latest laptop, but it failed : maybe something to do with the fact that FW→Thunderbolt Apple adapters are limited to 7W (against 12W on the original port, iirc).

Anyway, I felt screwed by Apple : my old MBP failed on a minor update, same for the slight younger MBAir from my wife, plus this adapter mess… I just don’t want to depend on a computer for my recordings anymore.
So dawless multitrack recording is what I want. And faders and mutes. I guess there’s a cheaper solution out there to be found…
So far, it seems only the Qu series offer this. Tell me I’m wrong!


Looks like all the bread and butter is there. If you don’t mind the lack of tactile controls, sounds pretty good to me. Mackie is a reliable brand.


I compared the Presonus studiolive specs against the A&H digimixers before deciding on the A&H. At least on paper, the Presonus specs seem to indicate its built to a price point, much more so than the A&H models. Just compare the preamp specs between the models and you’ll see what I mean.


Just bear in mind that DAWless multitrack recording is not without its hells and headaches. You need to have ”compatible” recording media (as in, all USB drives will not just work like with computers). There is no editing whatsoever.

I am about to find out myself next week if this is going to be a PITA or not.


Wow. This looks awesome. I really like how it has wifi, cat5 as well as iOS support. I think this may be what I upgrade to from my lil’ 2x2 Mackie Onyx Blackjack interface.


I am aware of this : I used a QuPac to record my (experimental electronic) band live 4h long session last July.
The USB key detail, you take it care beforehand.
And putting every recorded track in Ableton was relatively easy : I had had the good idea to cut the recording in two pieces :wink:
For my home use I wouldn’t record 4 hours, but I could use separate outs and FX returns, and then have fun with the mix :slight_smile:

For me, it’s really two separate things, recording needs to be as transparent as possible, workflow-wise, basically just hitting the red button.
Mixing is on the computer, where I can cut-paste as long as it takes.


I’ve used Qu-16 for a month and it was great and did everything it did promise indeed.

Only things Presonus prevails is the price and formfactor (both of them being 1/2 of A&H)

As per preamps? Do they matter as we use line ins?


I think, DAWless MT recording is good for recording a track and doing the mixdown in a DAW. It was not meant to be edited on the device that does MT recording.

And this is not a hard requirement for me. MT recording to DAW is enough.

But it’s a peace of mind to know all your tracks are recorded separately :slight_smile:


Maybe it doesn’t, but my current path in studying the engineering side of audio engineering, is leading me to believe that maximum output level and max inout level values tell me important things about audio performance in general.

It is a typical hallmark of ”consumer level” audio equipment that it cannot handle large voltage levels, that also is a telling indicator of how well/linearly an amplifier stage handles transients. I’m a sucker for them dBu’s I guess :diddly:


After you posted this I had a search and nothing came up, but then I came across this thread today: FS UK : RYTM Mk1 + KMI 12 Step + MidiSport 4x4 + Xenyx UFX 1604 Mixer

And it seems the Behringer ufx1604 does 16-track recording to a USB stick. Not sure what the limitations are but could be worth a look!


This probably isn’t helpful, but just in case … i use a thunderbolt->fw400 Adapter for my 2013 MBP to connect my MotuUltraliteMkIII. It’s annoying but it works!


I tried such adapter on my newer Mac, but it doesn’t unfortunately…

Thx @anfim I’ll check this :slight_smile: