Finally, the perfect mixer? [Allen & Heath QuPac]


I’m assuming they all do.


i have never had an issue with crackling audio on the qu-pac. adjusting the gain on the individual channel makes it possible to have any instrument set hot and not sound bad. perhaps you had that cranked… or perhaps it was a faulty unit.


I could adjust the ga n properly for any Elektron device by setting the volume on the Elektron to noon.
At full volume, the QuPac would crackle even with negative input gain.
And not the same way it would crackle when the ga n would be set too high.

Impossible to resonate my band mates during a live show, so dealbreaker for me.


Defect unit, mine works fine without such issues.


all my gear is at max volume and don’t have issues as long as gain is turned down on channels i may have issues with.


Hey Qu Pac users!

I have really appreciated reading this thread and have ordered one to replace my mixwiz 16:2.

My goal is to use it to multitrack using the usb for my rytm, analog4, and digitone.

My question is how would I set up my Eventide space and Analog heat as effects? Would they go out to outputs then come back in on the stereo inputs?

Are there aux sends per channel? Will the effects go through the usb and recorded?

Thanks in advance.


they’d use a set of inputs and outputs on the qupac.

so, let’s say you want to “effect” channels 1-2 with your eventide space.

  1. you’d select the respective channels
  2. choose their routing menu
  3. send their signal to the mix outputs of the eventide

and voila! you should be able to hear the effect on the inputs for the eventide.

fyi, make sure to set your mix outputs as either pre/post depending on the effect. reverbs and delays are usually post fader, so every time you adjust the synth’s volume, you are changing the relationship between the synth and verb.

i often will use pre for things like distortion, compressors etc.


If you’re recording straight to USB (not via computer / DAW), make sure you pay close attention to which memory drives work well. On the Allen and Heath forum, there’s a really useful list of which drives yield good results, which don’t etc.




Thanks that makes total sense.

Will this effect then have to be returned to a channel (two for stereo) in order for it to be sent via usb to Ableton for multitrack recording?

Would it be easier to send the whole mix out to the eventide/heat then return it back on separate channels - then have those channels be the effected signal that will be sent to Ableton?

Thanks in advance. I guess I am wondering if its possible to record the effect with the dry signal per channel sent out to Ableton.


Btw, a 16GB USB key makes it possible to record a 1:45 long session with 18 tracks (or 16, I don’t recall correctly)
What I mean is that it might be more convenient either to get a bigger USB key, or directly go for a SSD, which I would do if I ever were to come back to a Qu series.


Yeah, you’ll decide what channels will be recorded via USB/DAW. Maybe you want channels 1-16 and then 3 of the FX returns, so 17/18, 19/20, 21/22.

You will have to sacrifice an input if you want to send a signal from your daw to the qupac though.


Thank you this makes sense:) Then I would adjust the wet/dry of the effects using the volume of the returns.


Thanks to everyone with their help!

I decided on the Qu16 model as my friend at the shop could get me a great price and with some trade ins it was very affordable.

Such a great mixer - it has now become the brain and centre to my making music - with and without a computer!

Here is a quick video from my first try with it setup.


Bonjour, I received my QU16!

Anyway, does anyone use a compressor as a limiter on QU series?

Infinite ratio compressor on the master does not work at home to stay at 0db.
The threshold at 0DB Block the signal at zero DB?



Say, anyone here used both Qu series boards and the new SQ-series boards? Curious to know how they compare. The SQ-series is looking sweet but rumours of SQ not being 100% mature platform just yet are keeping me on the fence…

I am coming to the conclusion that I need an A&H digital board with full rekall… Just need to settle on the model :diddly:

EDIT: What did I just do?! :black_joker:


And ? How is the SQ series? Did you experience any hiccups?


I’m currently toying with the idea to spend the equivalent of a Desktop OB-6 on a Qu-24…
Super weird feeling.


Sometimes you gotta spend the cash on boring stuff! But if it were up to me I think I’d rather slim down my setup than invest in such a complex mixer.


Mmmm, yes, that’s not untrue.
But currently I can just not think of a single device I would get rid of :sweat_smile:
I barely manage to prevent me from buying a Grandmother…

I like

  • one button => 16 separate DAWless tracks recording (+ 2 main) = most important feature for me !!
  • many inputs = separate kicks, many FX returns available, plus I don’t have to change the plugging of my gear for each recording session
  • routing options = easy sampling and/or dry+wet recording
  • faders (actually recallable ones !)

This mixer is way overkill I guess, but I can’t seem to find a more appropriate one for my needs.