Finally, the perfect mixer? [Allen & Heath QuPac]


Just bought a Qu32, should arrive later this week. Hopefully when I’m in the house on my own. if not it has been nice knowing you all, as I will likely have been murdered :smile:


If the wife does kill you.let her know before I want 1st offers on your gear lol.least you can have a good send off😁


I’ll Will it to you :smile: ~Saying that I bought it on the Never Ever Pay For, so the repo man might come a knocking :smile:


Just say you got a bargain couldn’t refuse and your gonna sell something to cover the cost.thats what I seem to get away with :grin:


I’ve listed my Ps4 and VR headset for sale on Gumtree to reduce the damage partially. Joking aside I’ve been married 23 years as of last week (married when I was 24!!!), so she is well used to my purchase habits so hopefully it will just be a bit of minor earache :smile:

As an Edit the PS4 is sold and being collected later so thats the sweetener sorted :smile:


Been watching a few tutorial videos on this while working. Didn’t realise the Qu32 was so big. Going to have to go to IKEA and buy another desk!!!


Interested to know more about the qu pac vs analogue. I have a zed14 I quite like, but only record stereo out from it. There is a big price jump between these models so I assume there is a quality difference but is it in the summed sound quality or the digital options?

Your setups

Where to start? First of all it is the sound quality. It does not have noise as my old mackie (and those toher analogue mixer before that mackie) had, its more or less “noiseless”. The sound itself seems to have a lot more spectrum (if this is the right word, dont know better). Then there is a nearly endless bunch of routing options as well as pairing two inputs to one stereo input. Furthermore every channel has its own dedicated graphical controls. You can also customise your buttons and some screens to your needs. The integrated effects are very good (at least to me and my needs) and can be controlled by many options in a so called “expert page/mode”.

Its hard to describe, maybe have a look into the manual pdf to get a glimpse at the possibilities.

All I can say is that if I would have known how nice this mixer is and how much fun it ads to my process of fiddling around with my setup then I would have bought it much earlier. Last but not least: it saves a lot of place! :wink:



Also interested in knowing more about this


Feel free to ask…


Haha, ok! So, how are you using the Q2 and how is it at all related to your regret for using analog mixers?


I eventually got the Qu24 and I really enjoy having (motorized) sliders, mute knobs and level leds for each track.

Note that you shouldn’t use TRS to XLR cables with line level outs such as Elektron synths outs. Regular TRS to TRS makes it possible to bypass the input gain applied to XLR inputs.

I really love this mixer, perfect for the studio !
I guess QuPac is better for the live, though :slight_smile:


I’m also interested in a Allen & Heath digital mixer. Just wondering if there’s a big difference in sound quality between de QU and the SQ series?


The SQ series advantages are 96khz recording, and a lot more FX.
If you don’t mind recording at 48khz, save money and go with the Qu


FX are not interesting for me, but maybe the EQ & Dynamics?
Wish there was a kind of mixer like this without the mic pre-amps and only line connections for synth nuts like us.
Seems likely to go for the QU series. Let’s see if my dealer can arrange a listening demo.


Qu has just one type of parametric EQ on input channels, and you can use a graphic on busses. And one type of compressor to use anywhere.

SQ has multiple graphic EQs and multiple different compressor emulations , available for purchase, $59 to $139 ea.


I find the QuPac optimal for use with synths. Easy handling, lot of options, QuDrive stereo/track recording, recording on PC as Audio device and a very good sound! I totally recommend this device! :slight_smile:


Just studied the connections and Qu-32 is more practical with jack and XLR connectors. About EQ & Dynamics I rather go for external analog, I’m a big fan of Elysia. :slight_smile:


Hey fellow Elektronauts,

I’ve be done some research for a new mixer with the ability to do multi-track recordings for a Dawless setup. I came across the Allen&Heath QU 24 C.
It’s really important to me, to be able to record directly to a USB device. Only thing i’m planning to do ITB is final mastering if needed.

But i’m a little concerned about the problems of finding a USB device that will work correctly, especially in the upcoming years. (I saw, there is a dedicated list on the A&H forum, but i don’t know if those working devices are available in future times (it will take a while for me to save money, since I just got a ModX and a few eurorack Modules and the QU 24 isn’t cheap(at least for me))…
Some of them even wrote that some devices work just sometimes, being totally unreliable.
Maybe it’s the lack of sleep because i did research instead of resting and the fact that i’m relatively new to this category of gear, but if anyone could just assure me that i finally found the perfect “Mixer/Multi-track recorder” i would be very, very thankful :wink:

Maybe it’s just the amount of cool features, a big screen and beautiful product design, but i wan’t this to be the perfect mixer for my needs so bad! Even the amount of Line in channels and the routing possibilities would be fit perfect.

Additional questions which isn’t that important: I have a Modular(eurorack) System. I currently use a extra modul as interface between relatively hot Modular Level and normal gear. Is it possible with the Qu to plug in audio signals, coming direct from the modular, without a extra modul for attenuation. This way I could use a few more channels from eurorack. If it’s not possible I will just get another interface modul.

The other devices of interest would be (“Zoom L20 Livetrack” and the “Tascam Model 24“(thanks@jukka for this good tip!))…for any other recommendations for similar gear i would be very thankful.


The USB device compatibility is not such a problem. Some devices do not work properly, indeed, but so far I encountered no problem.

FYI I bought this one and it works pretty well.
Transcend Jet Flash 710S USB 3.0 64 Gb

I plug the output of Clouds and Rings directly into the Qu24 and it works without any problem.
There is an analog gain stage on the input anyway.

Just be careful not to use XLR inputs with e.g. Elektron balanced outs : there is a additional gain stage used for microphones on such inputs, and I haven’t found any way to switch them off. So you’d better use TRS to TRS jacks for line level balanced outs.

A cool thing with this mixer is the number of aux outs and how fast it is to redirect sound from the console.
Your modular will have plenty of signal to process :slight_smile: