Finally, the perfect mixer? [Allen & Heath QuPac]


At the moment you guys use “Ducking” for pseudo sidechain duties?


yah, that’s how i use it.

i’ve got my individual kick routed to the Qu-Pac and then to a free mix output to feed to the duck feature. it works, but i prefer side-chain compression ITB at the moment.


Has any of this been announced, or are we speculating?

I find the ducker works as a pseudo-side chain but is not the greatest. Prefer an LFO on the volume.

Would love to see this in an update though!




their last update was filled with a lot of fresh goodies, so i’m sure whatever they include, it’ll be worthy of an update.



I am thinking of buying the QU-SB, but wondering how well does these mixers work with external FX? And how do you guys connect them?

Ive been reading the thread, manual and searching a bit - but having never owned a mixer I think Ive gotten a bit lost and would love some solid advice and howto from someone who actually got one of the QU’s and is doing this.

So from my understanding - if I have a stereo FX chain with delay, reverb, distortion w/e - I would connect 2 of the mixouts to the FX chain, then from the last FX device it would go back into the 2x Line inputs? Or the ST1? Do both work without any issues? No latency?

Ill probably get a Heat too very soon - anyone using the Heat with the QU mixers? How have you set this up? (Parallel to the FX chain above, I guess the same?)


@octalforty As for external FX…

Reverb/delay/chorus/flange FX are okay.
parallel FX like distortion, saturation and compression are not, and that is because of the very small DAC latency which introduces phasing during parallel processing schemes, unfortunately.

There is a track delay feature on each input track, but unfortunately it’s resolution isn’t high enough to precisely compensate for the phase time that the DAC latency introduces.


Thanks for the fast answer AdamJay!

Alright, so just to clarify (Its late, and I’ve read too much) - I can connect external FX units that are Reverb/delay/chorus/flange in the way I mentioned above? Works without issues.

But FX units that give distortion, saturation and compression (parallel FX - i dont know the term) are not? So the Heat cant be used as a FX chain with the QU series without getting delay issues? And will be only usable between one instrument and the QU line input.




Further back in the thread I read that you where using a soundcard with an expander via ADAT - you didnt seem happy with that setup as it gave you some latency issues?

I was gonna go with that and a hardware mixer.

But now I am essentially thinking of using the SB as a soundcard and multitrack recorder for my setup, as I dont own any hardware processing units I will use the EQ and Comp of the QU but I guess when time comes for hardware (If I ever want to) - I could get a mixer like the Mackie 1604 VLZ4 - connect all the outs to the ins of the QU-SB and voila, Ive got hardware mixer with the ability of connecting external hardware like compressors and FX without issues, faders - and all the pros of the QU series on top of that. (Like multitrack without computer)

Do you see any cons with the setup named above? I would begin with just the QU-SB, but Its nice to know that you can upgrade and expand in the future if needed.

Oh and, Is it possible to send out sound from a VST in the computer to one of the mixouts on the QU-SB via USB?


Hi guys, as stated earlier in this topic I would like to know what USB drive or stick you’re using for multitracking?
Almost ready with re-doing my cave and the Qupac will be going for a test.


Here’s a helpful link.


I use the Transend Jetflash 710
32GB USB 3.0

It’s on the list of approved devices.

I like how small it is, as it sits nicely with a low profile in the QU front panel’s USB port.


This has been such a helpful thread.

Just popping back in to ramble a bit about how I have come around to the ducker as a side-chain.

For a long time I was always in my head about it couldn’t mimic that hard electro/prog pump that is pretty ubiquitous. But recently I have found that using the ducker with very subtle settings is quite effective. Maybe something in my brain changed, or maybe its just as I spend more time learning how to mix I am starting to appreciate the sort of ‘less is more approach’. Lately i’ve found that really clean ITB side-chain pump (especially on the white noise to be kind of annoying and very a-rhythmic). Maybe its as much as I learn more I realize all these rules are sort of guidelines and every production has its own aesthetic and its own needs.

I have a DBX 1066 which I got from a pawnshop for $100 (i love to brag about that) and it is great for smashing the hell out of a signal and getting a good Ed Banger pump on. But I find myself reaching for it less and less as the ducker + elektron sequencer plocks etc allow for a lot of interesting and evolving ways for bass and kick to interact.

A bit of a shame about the phasing issues, at the moment I just send a mix of from the qu-pac into the octatrack for a bit of sampling/filtering/reverb and it is fine for that.

would love to have the heat in the chain as well but to be honest these days the thought of packing up all my gear, hauling it to the club and then having drinks spilled on it while someone yells at me to play something by Drake has encouraged me to record more and jam with my own samples.

A shame as I do love to twiddle the filter cut-off live, am i right?

with that being said: does anyone have a rack or case for the qu-pac? I find it very intuitive and tactile to mix with and would love to jam with it more in a live setting but I haven’t found any safe way for transporting it around.


there’s this lil’ guy.

buy me / legit pic


Bad news, team…
When I booted my Qu-Pac this evening, the first 8 analog input channels appear to be shot.
Nothing making it through those inputs, and when the first 8 channels are set to “local” (aka analog input), they just produce a whole mess of white noise.

Other inputs are fine. Factory reset thrice, and reinstalled firmware twice. No dice.

Dealer contacted for warranty claim… get this… 4 DAYS BEFORE WARRANTY EXPIRES.

We’ll see what happens. For the record, this was a B-Stock unit, so there’s that.

Have a look at these meters spitting white noise with nothing plugged into the Qu-Pac…


say it ain’t so!!!

keep us updated, hope it’s all good.


me the same. and its wonderfull.


thats really ugly man. sorry for u.


bytheway. where the hell is the first picture from. i am looking for that view since ages. is it from ipad?