Finally, the perfect mixer? [Allen & Heath QuPac]


Way I see this… Rejoice, friend, it could have happened next week !!!


Oh no. Keep us updated please. Hopefully some strange software glitch that can be fixed easily …


Press the yellow channel button


i have qu 32 there no yellow button is foundable. but thats a point to check…


Perhaps this is a Pac only view that is in lieu of no physical faders.

As far as the issue I am having, I am grateful for the other 14 channels that are working, so that I can at least get some things done until this problem gets solved.


So, as the Qu Forums say, " if you require technical support with your Qu mixer, contact the dealer or distributor you purchased your product from", I contacted the dealer, ProAudioStar last night.

They responded and said to contact Allen&Heath.
Awesome. Who doesn’t love the run around?

So I messaged back to ProAudioStar to say that I was told to contact them, waiting on their response.

In the meantime I found who the USA distribution partner is
and I have also petitioned them accordingly.


Damn, good luck dude!

Pretty surprised to hear of inputs dying like that. A&H are usually pretty solid and this mixer is meant to be a workhorse.

Keep the pressure on to get it fixed. Hope it gets sorted soon!


Indeed. But no mass produced product is immune from such things. I surely just had a bit of bad luck here.

RMA request and invoice w/ pics submitted to Dist (American Music & Sound).
Waiting on shipping instructions.

On one hand, the timing is bad as I have started a new job that is very demanding of my time for the next few weeks, so getting it taken care of has been a chore.
On the other hand, it’s good timing as I won’t be able to record for several weeks anyway.
Time to hook up the old Peavey RQ-200 for quick AR+AK jams.



I paid to have it shipped to AMS in Mississippi.
They’ll get it Wednesday 5/24 and I hope to have some idea of diagnosis/repair plan by the end of that week.

Not having it in my room has helped me see that I should invest in some longer leads to put it on my little side shelf, as the added table space is much appreciated since swapping my A4 for AK.


best of luck, hope they also provide a cause of the issue too.


Was just looking back through this entire thread. How did things ever turn out on that input expander that wasn’t connecting for you?
Last we heard was you submitted a ticket to A&H late last year.


ah, the seller sent me a new one and all was well. never heard what the issue was though.


Good to know.


AMS received my Qu-Pac yesterday.
Today, they’ve contacted me to say the warranty repair is complete, and it is on its way back to me, FedEX Ground.
Should receive on Tuesday.


any explanation on what was wrong with it?


none whatsoever.


Perhaps there will be some with the paperwork when it arrives.

Any explanation on yours when you had the Dsnake link issue?


Nah, I never ended up asking, but curious why it didn’t work.


MGlad it got sorted @AdamJay

I seem to remember reading that some d-snake issues were caused by the stage box having a different firmware to the connected mixer and the mixer corrupting it, so if it was used maybe it had been used with a different model prior to yours?

I have decided to sell my Qu Pac and AB-168, I have 12 Roland Aira link devices and really enjoy the Roland MX-1/Aira eco system so I am going to end up with 3 x MX-1. It is a trade off between super flexible routing and great sound VS simplicity and hands on tweaking, and since my setup has changed so much in the last year the routing is much simpler, so it feels like a waste with so many unused ins and outs now.


Warranty repair update.

Work order (from JAM Parts & Service, Southaven, MS USA) packing slip states:

“Work Performed: Warranty Repair. Unit found to not pass signal. Several input channels showed meter activity with no signal present. The Audio PCB was replaced and the unit functioned properly. Firmware v1.90”


Did some more fiddling around with the combination of Bome MIDI translator and Ctrlr ( and this allows me to control Qu’s volumes and sends from inside my DAW (Logic Pro X) and have total recall of these settings for each project automatically.

The way it’s set up is that Ctrlr uses CC’s for all faders and pots. Each channel strip controls the volume and (top to bottom) send for ST1 - ST3 (PCM80, D-Two and spare) and the four FX’s of Qu itself. In Bome the CC’s are translated to the MIDI messages Qu requires. Probably this is all possible with Ctrlr without having to use Bome but I had didn’t look into the details of Ctrlr yet.

Attached you’ll find the Bome and Ctrlr configuration files for your reference.

qu-ctrlr.bmtp (49.1 KB)
Qu-Pad.panel (813.5 KB)