Finally, the perfect mixer? [Allen & Heath QuPac]


So I just watched this video this morning and it did make me curious about getting one of these to replace my Tascam DP32. Just a couple questions for those who may know.

Are there any ways to edit track? Mostly my concern is about deleting unwanted portions in a track. I like to just leave things rolling when doing overdubs and edit after. On that note, can you even do overdubs?

Also is there a mix down screen within the unit? I don’t use a computer at all in my studio so I would want to mix down after my tracks are all laid down. And finally, are there any tools to master with or do have to export to a DAW for that?


There is, afaik, no way to edit tracks in the qu pac

Onboard there is conpression, limiting, gating per track and four fx blocks which can be inserts on any track or send fx


fascinating … i’m still keen.

would have appreciated editing capability, but the convenient multi track recording is still a drawcard.


It really is a great mixer


ironically enough, i have found the perfect mixer, and it is at the other end of the spectrum. A two-track Xenyx :smiley: to only use when previewing, to achieve the smooth transition realtime-technique on the Machinedrum.


Hey I used to have one of those when I just had the A4 and a Bass Station. Did the job well.


Guys, quick question as I keep reading awesome reviews on this mixer…

I am not particularly good at wiring and wanted someone with more knowledge than me to look at this hypothetical setup:

I need 16 TRS inputs which the mixer seems to have.

One stereo pair of these inputs will connect to my OT.

I was planning on taking 2 Stereo Outputs from the mixer and have them permanently wired to the OTs Inputs in the hopes that I can internally route any of my other synths straight into the OT for sampling at will without having to plug and unplug wires.

Is this possible? If so, then holy shit am sold.


You can absolutely do this

How do I know?

Because I do it


Holy shit… :scream: can someone explain to me why I should keep my Apollo if I buy this? Doesn’t it make any audio interface redundant?


I can’t argue for keeping or ditching the Apollo, I can only say that I don’t have any other audio interface apart from the Qu-Pac


Qu pac seems awesome, no doubt, but if you don’t need all its bells and whistles you can achieve the routing to OT from a mixer with aux 3/4 or bus groups such as Mackie 1642vlz4 for half the price, it’s all analog though so pretty different, much less features, simple analog mixing. Basically your synths go to mains and you just press a button and they go to OT…


Yes am aware although wouldn’t that result in a stereo submix containing my synths going into the Apollo?

I only have 8 in/out atm. The only way to have each instrument on its own is either via another preamp via ADAT or a larger digital mixer with enough inputs/outputs to accommodate all the instruments.


I’m not sure, it does have a bunch of direct outs, might not fit your exact requirements, just thought I’d mention because much cheaper in case you don’t need all the q pac offers. Qu pac looks amazing…


I hear you, been flirting with a small analog mixer to accompany my current setup… just the damn QuPac seems like the swiss army knife for the studio.


It does actually, I’ve had an eye on this thing… But no gear for Mikey for awhile so I’m trying to keep it a secret from myself… :wink:


So - I purchased an Audient ASP880 mic-pre to accompany the Apollo. It seems quite a few users rate the A/Ds on it and at a considerably cheaper price than the QuPac, its certainly worth a try.

The alternative would be to sell the Apollo for the QuPac but that’s not a risk I’m ready to take (yet). :laughing:

As every proud owner of the QuPac has already mentioned - bang for buck it’s probably unbeatable. If I were starting out on clean slate, I’d probably buy the QuPac.


^It’s good to have options. Especially with low latency TB interfaces.

While I have done the 8 channel interface + 8 channel ADAT A/D expander in the past, at the time I was buying my Qu-Pac, I was only using an Apogee Duet 2. So, no real expansion capabilities outside of standard aggregation.

Also, the $1099 B-stock price I got on the Qu-Pac was too good to pass up at that moment.


That’s a fantastic price - best I could get was £1,250 for the QuPac ($1,550) so quite a bit more expensive. Will let you guys know how I get on.


ditto, i found a b stock model as well for $1099.

i don’t use the onboard USB recorder, but being able to record 32 tracks to Live is pretty fantastic. that, and the fact that i can create a solid mix using just the qu-pac (i.e. EQ, comp, etc) is a nice/focused way to work.

i’m looking forward to what new bells and whistles they’ll include in the next firmware :smile:


I’ll happily update the firmware if true side-chain compression, and higher resolution track delay (0.00ms resolution, for phase free parallel processing with outboard) are included