Feature Requests for all Elektron Machines


No-one, I repeat no one wants to remember that:
cc29 is setup to map envelope decay
cc13 is setup to map filter cutoff
cc26 is setup to map ratio
cc31 is setup to map spectral sparkle
cc46 is setup to map the wangdoodler

Why can’t we name and save these with what they are mapped to?

Especially after closing and reopening your project after a few days and completely forgetting what you mapped.


yes i realized that too :confused:

problem is func+page+(other function) will be too much of a finger juggle. i’d happily sacrifice fill to page+yes or something like that for all the other functions heheh

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Already a problem with Octatrack : up arrow + page is required for regular FILL. :meh:


I like these ideas.

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i was thinking of these for the DIGI boxes (and maybe analogs). OT is special case and i assume there is no more space left for extra functions in it anyway

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I want to be able to save different things independently. Like I want to be able to save an LFO preset sperate from the sound. I want to be able to save a single pattern sequence separate from the sound source. I want to be able to save effect settings. I think this would be super useful for specific stuff, like I can never remember what LFO speed and multiplier gives me a 4 bar LFO.


Page preset ? Sounds nice

Parameters slides on all Elektron machines (including the models). This is the most unique feature of the Elektron sequencer nowadays.


“Linked Patterns” for the Digi boxes.

One of my biggest frustrations is that when creating pattern variations everything needs to be copied from the source pattern to the variation; this is fine for the initial duplicate, but if the source changes later, you need to manually copy the correct changes back. Not a dealbreaker but I actually find it quite stressful to keep everything organised this way.

I think it would be cool if, when creating pattern, a “linked pattern” could be assigned. When a pattern is associated with a linked pattern, each of its tracks has three possible modes:

  • lock to source - all track data (trigs, sounds, plocks) is taken from the source pattern
  • lock sound to source - the track sound settings from the source pattern are kept, but trigs and plocks are not
  • independent - all track data is independent of the linked pattern

This arrangement would drastically reduce the housekeeping involved in creating pattern variations where only a subset of tracks need to change. With some clever use of LED colours I think an intuitive interface could be possible.


More flexibility with FX: I rarely use the chorus (A4, DN) or the reverb, but I’d love to have more delays. So a setting that gives me another delay instead of those other FX would make my day. I don’t care if that setting is per pattern or per project.

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global midi settings as project default, with ability to de-couple midi pages per pattern.

please dont come at me with waldorf+nord argument. it must be done :drunk:

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I’d like to see more trig conditions for neighbour tracks, e,g. a MUTE NEI or MUTE ALL condition, when it would mute the neighbour track or all other tracks while the trig is playing.

Also, trig conditions and/or LFO destinations for sequencer functions, like tempo, swing, pause, jump to next pattern á la M8.

Obviously fx parameters as LFO destinations for DN/DT.

Modulating step speed like the Make Noise 0-Ctrl’s time row would be ace too. Or a simpler variation like Korg’s Warp Active Step function.


Kinda burnt on RND. It tiring and aimless, for me at least. BUT RND can generate cool ideas, so, how about a RND LFO that has a Turing ability. Hear something you like, you can lock that in. Be able to set number of steps, and depth.

I’d get a DT again for sure.


Octratrack has this, so for all other machines:

Metronome output to headphones only, i.e. not main outs - would so rarely ever want that.
Bonus: opportunity to basically have a headphone sub-mix, decide how much of each element goes to headphone out.

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I want Direct Jump on all Elektron machines.


I’ve submitted Lazy Chop again. With the addition of having Jonwayne launch the update :slight_smile:

Just gonna leave this here.

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I feel you, I think the best random are the ones where you can set a scale of how random it gets. Also being able to individual select what gets randomized would be cool. Sort of kike Adobes latest AI photo/space fill in thing.
Some pluggins have these options for their randomizer and it helps to get out of a rut, and not relegate yourself constantly pressing random because you keep getting uninspiring sounds/patterns.

A tiny on / off setting for sending the midi program change slightly before the end of a pattern when a change is cued via pattern change or song mode.

I know we have the instant pattern change hack with stop / start messages via Midihub etc but it’s hacky and not perfectly timed even when it appears instant. I have this awesome setup with my RC600 looper switching memories alongside Digitakt patterns and a little per project setting that allows a program change to be sent a few beats early would open up a whole new world of things. I’m sure other kit also does pattern changes at the end of the current pattern. I don’t have another Elektron box but am guessing the same applies to Elektron boxes from reading stuff here?

(Otherwise my single Elektron box is perfect apart from the LED on track 2 that has been playing up since I bought it but I can’t part with the box so haven’t sent it in.)

Could you use a midi track and use the program change from there? I have only very very briefly played with the program changes on the midi track, so it might not work how I am imagining.