Feature Requests for all Elektron Machines

Yeah, you can set up program change trigs but that means setting it up on every project and doesn’t work in song mode or moving to a different pattern each time. I want to just trigger a pattern change and have all the connected kit switch perfectly to the same pattern number in sync.

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or Norand .

Seriously though of course none of us would be sad with additional modulation.

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Exploring modular more has ruined everything for me.

Each Digi box needs:

  1. At least 1 more LFO with the OT designer

  2. The retrig and arps (which need to be added everywhere MIDI/Audio they are not yet implemented) needs to be on their own page like the OT so they can be p-locked.

  3. Add some assignable envelopes, or make it so the filter envelope can be reassigned.

  4. More sequence play orders (random, forward, backward, ping pong).

  5. Independent delay per track.

  6. Chorus wherever it is not already implemented.

  7. Resonance control on the base/width filters would be bonkers.

I know these are all repeats of things, but man I just wanna keep yelling into the clouds in hopes that a magical bird will grab the message and make it happen.


The need an A4 instead of a Syntakt

Kinda wish they could/would add an octave or two _[or more like the others]_to the OT.


I would totally love an Elektron take on Nord Modular.

That said, if I wanted I could always pick up an Organelle or Norns device.

For someone with choice paralysis at times, modular patching was too much freedom, I need limits to keep me grounded.

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Same. #1 most important feature for me. It truly is one of the most amazing things a sequencer can do.


Had one. Modded it with individual outs. Still didn’t like it. Sold it to @DonovanDwyer.

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all elektron boxes should have trig preview!

They do.
(except for the models I think?)

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I personally would love to see stereo spread per track , a 3rd LFO and a 4 band master EQ with sweepable frequencies and q-factor adjustment, especially on the Digi’s and Syntakt :slight_smile:

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remove hold to paste check if copying to an empty pattern slot :clock1: :fast_forward:


Cueing via headphones.

Each voice could be dispatched independently to the main output or to a secondary out (headphones).

With the flagships (AR, A4 mk2, AK) you can use an external mixer to do that with individual outs but since the Digis are limited to a stereo pair it’s not possible to cue.

IMO that would make all machines much more live-friendly and spare having to use a mixer.

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would love random trig entry (within chosen scale), shuffle random trigs, add more etc… ala norand mono, which took from the elektron sequencer & added stuff like this to it.

makes for a really interesting addition to the workflow.

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more trig conditions, such as 7 times yes, 1 time no.


Shortcut to parameter lock the same step across all tracks at the same time.

Together with a shortcut to activate/deactivate these “master locks”.

We are all dreamers :upside_down_face:


this is actually a really good idea and would be super helpful for equalizing purposes

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i don’t know, Octatrack trigs to change a track’s time resolution instead of manually changing it for the whole track in scale setup… It would be nice to have OT copy and paste patterns without leaving one yet, just like it can be done on Digitone… Arpeggiator on audio tracks…But I am geting a bit greedy now, I must stop!
But anyway, are these requests even acknowledged at all by the Elektron team? or is it just for fun that we’re talking about all these wishes for the supermachine abilities ?

Fix the long-standing synchronisation bug that exists on at least model:samples (though I can’t tell if it’s been fixed elsewhere).