Feature Requests for all Elektron Machines

would love random trig entry (within chosen scale), shuffle random trigs, add more etc… ala norand mono, which took from the elektron sequencer & added stuff like this to it.

makes for a really interesting addition to the workflow.

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more trig conditions, such as 7 times yes, 1 time no.


Shortcut to parameter lock the same step across all tracks at the same time.

Together with a shortcut to activate/deactivate these “master locks”.

We are all dreamers :upside_down_face:


this is actually a really good idea and would be super helpful for equalizing purposes

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i don’t know, Octatrack trigs to change a track’s time resolution instead of manually changing it for the whole track in scale setup… It would be nice to have OT copy and paste patterns without leaving one yet, just like it can be done on Digitone… Arpeggiator on audio tracks…But I am geting a bit greedy now, I must stop!
But anyway, are these requests even acknowledged at all by the Elektron team? or is it just for fun that we’re talking about all these wishes for the supermachine abilities ?

Fix the long-standing synchronisation bug that exists on at least model:samples (though I can’t tell if it’s been fixed elsewhere).

I’m gonna share this here as it’s often a requested feature for an additional LFO to be added on the Rytm Mk2, and this is an approach that might help scratch that itch….it’s an additional LFO.


The Digi series needs the RETRIG page to move from the UP arrow menu to a 2nd TRIG page so that you can p-lock and modulate the retrig just like on the OT. Why that wasn’t implemented is beyond me.


Yup. I’ve been harping on this for years. It’s on all the Digi boxes, too. My solution is to use my iPad with a program change MIDI script via Mosaic. Then I can send the same pattern change message to all the boxes at the same time and it works fine.

That’s interesting, since the bug is clearly on the receiving end. Or at least the workaround (don’t vary track lengths) is on the receiving end.

Since you’ve fixed it on the sending end, I wonder if the key to it is to send the PC much earlier in the bar.

It doesn’t matter when I send it. I could send it on the last step of a bar and they’ll both work. It’s got to do with when Elektron box sends it and the other receives it. I have all my tracks set up for CHLEN 16 and MASTER is INF.

I suspect if you sent the PC within 1/64 note of the end of the pattern you would recreate the problem I see on my two models. AFAICR the models send the PC 0.4 0.6 of a step away from the pattern end. I hadn’t considered that that might be the problem up til now.

EDIT: Ooops, correcting myself.

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a proper array of fx & a hands on ui for 'em so you can build a performance fx chain. ala octatrack / ableton.

that’s a big one for me.

that’s for future releases. is this the right thread? :thinking: 🤷

It’d be very handy to have the Digi/Syntakt delay and reverb available as VST/AU plugins to be able to match the sound while recording through Overbridge, along with passing send levels as CC.


I’d like to see some additions to the sequencer, perhaps forward, backward, pendulum , random direction, perhaps direction you could change per step. No idea why really other than something fun and also no idea where something like that could be added menu wise.


We need now sequencer playback modes. Backwards, forward, ping pong, random, etc. That’d be awesome.


Instant pasting into empty patterns instead of having to wait 4 seconds for an action that can’t lose anything.


Modulatable seq playback would be killer, and micro-timing as mod destination as well.


would love to have SIZE param for the reverb, I only have AR and DN but I assume that there’s space in all machines to add it:

image image

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you mean like room size?