Favorite Headphones

i would recommend beyerdynamic’s DT990’s pro.


+2 on Audio Technica M50 for travel, isolation, live work. Don’t handle low freq particularly well (below 80Hz), but then when you’re surrounded by subs it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference!
For studio, listening in quiet locations the Grados are stunning!
I also use my IEM a lot, JH Audio JH-16, they’re unbelievable, 8 drivers aside! Lucky to have an endorsment, without that they’d be too expensive!!!

Ya big Tit! :wink:

+1 Beyerdynamics any of the professional reference monitor range.


me and a mate both use DT770 Pro’s

and he practically lives in a club and they translate with no problems

Another vote for Sennheiser here.

I’ve had my HD580s for almost 18 years and they’ve been used almost daily for hours at a time.

I replaced the lead about 5 years ago and recently had to replace the meshes and the foam across the top - because after so many years it had started to decompose. Sennheiser still stock the parts and taking the headphones apart to make the replacements was just a case of unclipping the sections - no tools needed at all.

Build quality aside, they have incredible range and clarity and are probably the best headphones you can buy at the £250 price range.

I have used hd600 for a while they are great I recently got Hd700 and while they are great I am not sure I have gained much.

Beyer DT250. 13 years running. Same pair.
Dry, german, round, a little fabric-y. Awesome.

Wife rocks Grado SR125.
Clearer, airier. Also awesome.

We usually agree on mix stuf.

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Beyer DT990 Pro :+1:

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Necrobump - just got these and they’re fantastic - I’m just listening to tunes right now and the definition is amazing! Quite reasonably priced too!

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Without any hesitation :

beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 250 ohms

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Another vote for Focal Spirit Pros. They are my first pair of headphones that translate enough to have confidence in using.

I had a pair of AKG sextetts (600ohm) earlier, which I also liked, and they translated well, but modern equipment does not drive them loud enough…

I have BD dt770, 880’s and the 990’s love them all but My favorite are the dt880’s for sure!

I love my BeyerDynamics DT 880 Pro 250 Ohms, amazing sound and I can wear them all night long without any fatigue or pain. They work perfectly with most devices, and to use them on my mp3 player I use my FiiO E07K DAC/amp. I wonder what’s the difference compared to the 80 Ohms and 600 Ohms models…

The sound of my Grado’s is great too but they get painful after an hour or so.

+1 Focal Spirit Pros
Owned a few different brands and styles of headphones over the years and these have been head and shoulders above any I’ve ever used.
No contest.

Often read recommendations for this or that specific headphone, with explanations why one or the other sound unpleasent, harsh, flat, bass-boomy or whatever.

As I’m looking for a new set, powered directly by the headphones out of Rytm and Four to avoid coloring by the audio chain, I’m wondering how big the impedance relation comes into play, as the headphone should be normally selected with respect to the impedance of the headphone amplifier to avoid distortion and other unwanted effects.

A4’s and Rytm’s headphone outs have an impedance of 55 Ohm. Based on an relation of headphone impedance to amp impedance of larger than eight (better ten), the impedance of headphones used at the headphone outs should be larger than 440 Ohm (550 Ohm).

More information can be found here:

This is narrowing the range of headphones a lot. Maybe DT-880 with 600 Ohm.

What definetly should be avoided is to pair amp and headphone with comparable impedance. This may lead to the effect, that specific models may sound harsh.

Any experiences with impedance for headphones on the A4 / Rytm headphone outs?

I love my KRK KNS-8400 to death.
It’s also cheaper than your budget.

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You touch on an interesting point here ampRepublic.

I have recently had some noise complaint issues, and picked up a pair of k701’s (need power to shine), to be seriously unimpressed plugging them straight into the elektrons.

Have since been looking at headphone amps… seems the best bang for buck is the Objective2, which also has built in batteries for portability.

Interested to know if anyone has gone through this process…

I use AKG K240mk2 which have 55Ohm - they sound fine with the Rytm.
Really nice headphones for the price, can fully recommend.

Hey guys,
I’m willing to bet a lot of us do at least some work at home/studio with headphones. I’ve got a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770’s that I’ve been using for about 8 years now, they’ve been through shows, my dog being a puppy and eating the foam earpads inside them, etc, etc, etc. It’s time to get a new pair.

Looks like the DT770 is still a pretty widely-used headphone for studio isolation and drummers/live use. What do you guys use and can anybody recommend something else?
I’m looking for studio-grade cans, so flat response would be ideal, closed or open isn’t a huge issue so long as they get pretty loud…