Favorite electronic music of the PS1

Thought it would be fun for people to share some of my favorite electronic music tracks of the PS1.

easy starting spot is Wipeout and the song Orbital did for it

every song is pretty great in that games ost but another highlight

Ape Escape had some great tracks this one I found most memorable

Ridge Racer Revolution had some pretty nutty stuff going on

probably like this one the best


Ghost in the Shell

Well that’s all that comes to mind for now.


I directly think to wipeout when reading the title. I think i can remember you could put the game cd in anormal reader, and had access to the tracks

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Yup the first track was the game data and then everything after that was the music if I remember correctly.

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Test Drive 5 had such a good soundtrack. It was the perfect mix of electronic and alternative. Junkie XL and Pitchshifter were a revelation to me then.



Came in here to say this:

My work here is (already) done (for me)


Yes! Awesome thread! Certainly need more VGM appreciation threads!

Most of my collection is N64 OSTs, but here are a few off the top of my head that are stand out:


No surprise the crazy skills of Soichi Terada are behind this. Got to see him DJ/perform at a New Year’s show a few years back in Tokyo. Certainly was a good time.


I was gonna say Ape Escape but you stole my thunder :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have Drum and Bass chops but my own musical style is influenced by Terada.


The original PS Ridge Racer game code loaded into memory in its entirety so once it had started you could open the disc cover and put any audio CD you liked in. The tracks would start in the wrong place because it used the locations of the original tracks, but it meant that I spent a lot of time powersliding around to Timeless by Goldie (which was the only drum & bass I had on CD at the time).

FSOL’s We Have Explosive from the Wipeout 2097 soundtrack was one of my favourites from the PS1. Still have the soundtrack CD somewhere I think.

It also has Photek, Source Direct, Underworld, Leftfield, Fluke, the Chems, Orbital and the Prodigy - a 90s UK electronica greatest hits reel (at least, the ones that were signed to a Sony label at some point).


Yeah I absolutely loved (still do!) this track, and the Photek track on there.

And the whole soundtrack, it’s amazing and blew my mind as a teenager. I didn’t actually have a PlayStation but I borrowed the game from a friend just to listen to it on an audio CD player haha!

Was a supercool game too, the visual style etc. I don’t really play games any more but I have downloaded Wipeout 2097 onto my Mac and I think it still stands the test of time!

Someone else mentioned Gran Turismo, I remember taping the Rollo mix of the Cardigans off the intro of that round at a friends house haha. Cool track.


Naked glow is such a sick track. Peak Ridge Racer for me.


Super nice choice! I had a very hard time deciding which RR4 track to post.

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Ah fond memories of the PS1! Oddworld had some amazing background sounds, not music as such. And I loved the music to Tenchu.

The PS2 was pretty dam good too.

I got out of video games after that. Its all completely alien to me now.


Also who could forget about this bop


Ff7 soundtrack was great too


We used to make loads of tracks on Music for PS1, loved that game.

Syro’s produk 29 [101] always reminded me of this song lol

Dig deep into the PS1 and you’ll find some really bizarre and interesting things to sample


Barbarians! Where is the love for Castlevania Symphony Of The Night?


Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed.
Listened to this soundtrack on repeat when I was a teenager.

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