Family, work and elektron


Honestly, between work, family and time to recover, music has lately for me been more of a chore.

I’m a pianist at first, and these days, I miss those keys more than I look forward to sitting down with whatever box is currently residing in my corner.

I’m just starting to ask myself if it’s really worth it, and why I’m spending all this time on it. I think it’s a worthwhile thing to ask yourself. Just because you can and you’re capable of doing something, doesn’t mean it’s worth your time.


Very interesting and food for thought. As deep as a person on earth and we are not in a video game with many lives. In reality we only have one ! So what do people want to do with it, I mean really want to do with it. For each person and regarding the path of wisdom… Dice thrown will give completely different results.

however, it is best not to leave the Dice to decide instead of his own.


Kids are good Octatrack food…

if you can sit em down for a couple of seconds in front of anything… pots, pans, boxes, pets, valleys, canyons…

They come up with the greatest melodies.


This is true for just everything … even science.

Talking about music, for me, I would say, it’s worth, if it touches at least my own soal and makes me feeling better.

I like to have alternatives and when I am not in a production process, I tend to use, what interests me most at the moment, like beeing a child again and play with different or only just one particular toy, enjoying the time with it … and often learn much by digging deeper and deeper :wink:


I’ve sort of ruined it for myself, in a way. In my work, it’s not uncommon that some of the things I do are exposed to lots of people. And the crowd’s not always quiet, so whatever you do, you don’t do it in a void. There’s a context where it makes sense, an endgame where you know someone’s waiting to react to what you’re doing. Not always as you anticipated, but nevertheless a reaction of sorts.

Because of that, I’m sort of a context addict. I have a hard time putting in the time on something just because I can, even if the output measures up to some kind of quality. But it seems that when it comes to music, people don’t pay all that much attention to what others are doing, unless they’re pros or semi-pros. Just look at the Our Music section here. Most tracks posted hardly make a dent, hardly attract a comment, less a like on Soundcloud or similar. And some - many - of them are pretty damn good and deserve the attention of their fellow Elektronauts. You deserve your feedback, my friends.

But we’re too busy caring about our own next piece, to spend some time congratulating our fellow musicians on what they do. We ourselves create this void, in a context where feedback and reaction are essential to growth and learning.

And yet, if someone posts something along the lines of the Octatrack’s inputs, you can be sure there’ll be a hundred comments on that before noon, and not all of them friendly.

This isn’t always the case, of course. But it’s certainly not an exception. And it’s not unique for this place. The fact that most of the more seasoned musicians here spend a lot of time talking about gear’s pros and cons, or handing out advise on how to behave on the forum, but hardly make a comment when someone posts music, makes me wonder about the point of it all. While advise on manners are always appreciated, I’d really like to hear more from an experienced musician about the quality, or lack of such, on the work I’m posting here.

I should conclude with the fact that I’ve worked close with a (very) famous musician for the last year, a person who went to that place that we all wished we could go with our music, and then came back with hollow eyes and a pale face.

I mean, if he with all his success couldn’t find a purpose to what he was doing, then where does that leave the rest of us?

So yeah, that experience has certainly colored my opinion on this, so I guess, as I said, I sort of ruined it for myself.

It does make the balance puzzle easier, though. I have three kids to go home to at the end of the day. That mentioned musician has no one. I wouldn’t wanna trade with him for all the arena gigs in the world.


Giving advises or feeling in the our music section is complicated. (but I agree with what you said)

and also many are looking for self-masturbation in likes they can get and do not listen to feedback at all

We do not know the person behind the track, his career, his skills, his favorite artists, his goals in terms of music … sometimes there is a huge gap between what a person likes (his references) and what he/she does. In fact, doing it well takes time … and I think personally I try to embark on this ground only when I feel a musical ground close to mine. of course sometimes I listen I find the track cool and I say it is … but not necessarily give advice in HipHop for example even if I listen to a lot I have never made a piece of hiphop … therefore on dark electro maybe the way Cybotron/Juan Atkins i will feel more comfortable to giving advice.

Maybe our advises can be wrong also.
And discourage people, and I don’t want to discourage people… too much people discourage me by the past with false truth …


We only have obligations towards family (IMO) - everything beside that should bring direct personal value of some sort (mind you, I’d never say that maintaining family isn’t of value but I’m sure you get what I mean).

Playing with your music machines should never be forced. When that’s the feeling, I am blessed with the fact that I’m not making music for a living and can just let it rest until the urge reappears. It always does, time might vary though. Life dictates.


This is crazy talk my friend, but your feelings are accepted and honored…

One thing I’ll say is that this forum is not a representation of casual music listeners, most everybody loves music. The forum is a narrowed down scope of electronic music artists and gearheads, a tiny fraction of a percent of the worlds population. Most of the world likes music, and all they do is listen to it, not pass it up to talk about synths, they don’t have synths…

Music is a wonderful outlet of creative expression and a fantastic way to color our reality with a living breathing image of our emotions, thoughts, feelings, etc.
It does not need to be played for anyone even, the act of playing music breathes life into reality and animates the moment with a spark of creation that goes beyond the natural resting state of the environment. It’s good for the universe…

I’ve always told myself it’s not important whether I’m performing for 10,000 people or 10,000 blades of grass, it’s the act of doing it and putting your heart in it that counts, the universe is listening, and those loving acts help shape what it is…

Besides, I like your music… :slight_smile:


I also want to say something about how if your not currently feeling comfortable “working” in a certain way, there’s bound to be other ways to approach making/playing music that are more fun for you…
Maybe just take a break and when inspiration comes just have fun with whatever instrument/gear calls your name, with no pressure to do this or that or make tons of things happen, just play…
I’m pretty sure your a musician… :slight_smile:


very interesting thread, one of the topics I think the most about (3 kids <5y here). the same discussions each and every weekend…

one of the main challenges is to keep the mind sorted, techno & kids & business is a crazy triangle, many people only have one or maybe two of those components. most of my peers just work a lot without producing techno or having kids. I will never stop making music. If you do depends on your priorities of course.

I try to make music with my kids like my father did with me using classical instruments. hey boy, we need a new beat (maybe just a pattern choice or mute changes), boom ey boom ey, nice one! then plug a mic into Maschine (or OT, DT…) and record some crazy childish noises :grin: I perceive such sessions as a combination of playground & practicing, kids are impatient and distract very much, so you learn to be fast and focused, and you spend time with your kids.


Hey, kid, Rock and Roll
Rock on…


Nobody tells you where to go.


My son is sampling on the SP404, he is 22 months. He will need a DT before he is 4 :totes:


Get those kids something to sample on! Make this world a better place!


hahaha, really interesting topic! I feel the same but have only one child (one year). started with elektron machines 2 years ago - so one year without - one year with child

it is difficult to reserve “your” time especially when both parents are working.

from September to December I haven’t even watched my elektron machine - no mood, no flow, no music and I was bored of them. thinking of selling it. But I am glad that I kept it - there will be some “downs” but also “ups” for making music.

mostly I am in the mood to make music when I have to take care about our child.
so I decided to take him with me.
pretty simple - he can “jam” on the arturia keystep when I am trying to find the sound on the A4. doing some drums by my own on the rytm - best phrase : “let me try something my little boy” - and voila - some good ideas are born :slight_smile:
to be honest the best ideas I got when I had some music-time with him.

but this also depends on his mood - it’s not always possible.
also meet up some friends to jam with them.

in my opinion the most important part is your partner: it is important to have time without children to spend time on your hobbies.


Give her a hug right now.


The key to getting anything personal done with job(s) and family around is waking up way before them even thinking about getting up, especially on Sundays :muscle:t2::pray:t2:


Its 7.30am here :slight_smile:


Let me suggest to start with an MPC. There is one true saying … you don’t need to read the manual to get started … :wink:


Ironically, my music making skyrocketed after getting a kid. I used and still use every opportunity to make music, because the rest of the day is either filled with work or hanging out with my son. The few hours I have I really have a strong urge to do what I want to do, so music making. When I have the odd day off though, I often spend way too much time on Internet forums like this one, watch a few documentaries, spend way too much time doing nothing. It’s like the very limited time I have to make music forces me to use that time. Or I should say, it doesn’t feel forced, but it’s something I really want to do when I’m able to.

A friend of mine with no kids who works as a sound technician has got all the time in the world certain weeks, but still gets nothing done, he simply has too much time, so he keeps postponing and does fuck all instead. :smile: