Faderfox UC4 <3 Octatrack?

it’s been covered elsewhere in the midis controller thread but i saw a price drop at Juno and I’m getting itchy fingers.

Any thoughts on this folks? It’s set up for Ableton and has hard midi out so… surely, The eight way layout is perfect for octa work

Any advice from users or either manufacturer would be welcome :0)

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O hai

I use a UC4 with my octatrack, but not ON my octatrack. It’s actually used to control the Nord G2 Engine that sits below. BUT, I can say that using it with its MIDI hard out (no computer) is totally painless. I was nervous because it doesn’t have a software editor, but it’s shockingly easy to program from the front panel. Also, with 8-pages for the faders/buttons, and 8 pages for the encloders, which are switched separately, you can get wherever you need to. It’s pretty impressive. I have only the best stuff to say about the UC4.

Personally, the only MIDI control I really want over my OT is to bring out per track mute and cue buttons. I find the crossfader and an occasional direct encoder tweak cover anything else I need to do. But different strokes for different folks. If you want per track volume and pan or whatever, UC4 would be great for that.


Thx onion
Wise words. I maybe need to back up on the impulse purchases and get to grips with octa first…

I agree. It’s awesome and very easy to program. You can find the midi signals you need in the OT manual.

Since yesterday I also got myself a UC4 and managed to set up some controlls. So far bi-drectional communication works perfectly between both device.

But when you change patterns or parts on the Octatrack, for sure the control values on the UC4 are not matching anymore. Therefore the Octatrack provides a Midi CC 61 parameter called “Send requenst”. If you send this Midi CC (e.g. via a Button) from UC4 to Octatrack the Octatrack is sending back all current CC Paramters of all audio tracks.

Unfortunately the UC4 seems to ignore this “parameter dump”.

Could someone managed to get this “Send request” to work?

Ok I found the reason. Its some kind of stange behavior of the Octatrack (bug?). When you switch to another part/pattern while seqeuncer is stopped and you then send the “Send request” message, you don’t get the parameter values of the current selected part/pattern but instead you get the parameter values from the previous selected pattern. If you then start playing the sequencer and send the “Send request” again, you get the correct parameter values of the current part/pattern.

So as long as the sequencer ist playing, updating your controller values after part switching via “Send request” works as aspected.


I also think the UC4 is a fantastic machine for the OT.

But the OT has incredible amounts of editing possibilities via MIDI that makes me wonder what controllers are for you the most important ones?

I did for example put the fist 8 buttons for solo wich I like. I also used the button function for that so I can hold solo down and release it to get them other channels to play along.


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Hey folks, I just got a Faderfox UC4 and I have absolutely no idea how to assign the 8 x UC4 faders to control track volumes, assign the 8 x buttons to mute tracks, or knobs to control anything. I am checking out Appendix C: MIDI CONTROL REFERENCE in the manual and reading the Faderfox manual, and I still have no idea what to do. Sorry to be a real noob here but if anyone can help would be sweet. In the meantime, my head is pretty scratched up. Thanks in advance.

Shouldn’t be too hard, no?

Get into edit/setup mode on the UC4, and assign to the required values for the Octatrack.

I don’t have a UC4, but hit me up if you need help and I can walk you throught it.

Ok I got it!!
The MIDI adapter from my Electribe2 does not work with the UC4. Nothing responded. WHY is that? They are similar mini-jack MIDI adapters no? I have to use the one that came with the UC4, and everything is ok now.
Anyway thanks Rusty.

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Ok I got it!!
The MIDI adapter from my Electribe2 does not work with the UC4. Nothing responded. WHY is that? They are similar mini-jack MIDI adapters no? I have to use the one that came with the UC4, and everything is ok now.
Anyway thanks Rusty.[/quote]

I’d say more a setting on the Electribe rather then any issues with the mini-jacks… midi is midi.

Check the settings and/or isolate the Electribe and use a midi monitor to confirm it is sending appropiate data.

Everyone should have a midi monitor like MidiOx for stuff like this, always worth sanity checking.

There are two different ways to wire those little mini jacks.


Seeing the data fosters trust in the tools.

you don’t need a USB host for this? Will it work like a Beatstep works (no computer needed?) I couldn’t stand the beatstep with the OT, the knobs were awful

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FaderFoxes are standalone units.

I am so happy with my Faderfox UC4. What an incredible little standalone MIDI controller with direct connection to the Octatrack.

Here’s my first performance. Merry Christmas and thanks everyone!




just finished programming the faderfox uc4 for the octatrack.
editing is quick and easy, the acceleration feature is great!

capped the upper value for the track level faders at 108 in order to prevent clipping, super nice this is possible.

really invites you to…well…PLAY :joy:



I would love to know how you setup all the stuff out?
I have to say Faderfox feels really really good!!
I enjoy this machines a lot!
Can only recommend them!


Ps. Ok I think I’m getting into this now thanks Rusty!!
One thing guys and I might get it during the coming hours… I want to use also some for controlling the effects how did you go by? I mean Parameter 1, 2 etc. So is it possible to have more pages in UC4 since manual says 264 parameters! Wow in this little box!! Ds.

I have setup where OT (master) sends MIDI to Analog 4 (slave). Analog 4 is connected via MIDI Thru to Nord Lead A1.
Analog 4 receives only transport and clock from OT as I use it’s internal sequencer. Using MIDI Thru in A4 OT is sequencing Nord Lead A1.
That is my setup.
And question; is it possible to control volumes using UC4 faders not only OT, but also A4 and NLA1? It is 16 tracks (8 internal audio of OT + 4 of A4 and 4 of NLA1).
That would be great if UC4 could control all 16 tracks.

Best Regards!