Faderfox MX 12y

Hi friends, I received an MX-12 Faderfox for my RYTM MKII today. I used the template provided for the AR but the snare (Track 2) is not responding to the fader. The manual is somewhat confusing and I’m wondering if any of you kind gents/ladies would help me out? I’m not very good with this manual.

Thanks, Joe

There’s ladies that can help too, dont assume we’re all male on here…

Sorry I cant help at all, dont own either items.


Ha!!! Gotcha. Edited:

So I am such a dummy I can’t figure out even how to get the 2nd fader to work with T2 on the Faderfox. I used the AR template and all the other faders work. I can’t figure out this manual for the life of me. I’m getting to the point beyond frustration. I simply wanted to use it to have the buttons mute the tracks (not working at all) and the faders to control the channel 1-12 volume of the track. All the faders work, except track 2. I don’t get it. The 2nd fader F2, controls Track 2 amp volume but it has no effect on the track. When I move the fader up and down the amp volume on T2 moves, but no effect. I looked in the manual for Midi CC but can’t figure out which one controls the overall track volume. I can’t even figure out in the fader fox manual how to configure the fader with the appropriate CC. I don’t understand the manual. If anybody could help out a dummy, I would be grateful. Thank you.


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Joe, i am personally having a hard time understanding your post:

  • are you having a hard time with faderfox, rytm or both manuals?
  • do the faders other than f2 change amp volume or track volume?
  • have you confirmed that midi channels in the rytm are setup correctly for the faderfox?
  • random idea but is there any odd settings to amp envelope on track 2?
  • have you tried the faderfox out on a new project?

Thank you kind sir for trying to help. Most of the problem is the template for the FF for the RYTM. It seems to manipulate amp volume but not track volume as a whole. What really had me baffled was the setup for this, the wiring that is. I currently run like this.
Squid midi 1 out > 1x4 thru box, Squid midi 2 out > 1x4 through box. Then I run all my gear off those thru boxes. So the squid is the master. But the FF requires some weird wiring it seems and I can’t incorporate it into my current setup. That was problem 1. Problem 2 is that the Template for the RYTM doesn’t work properly for muting and fading all the tracks properly. I am going to mess with it some more tomorrow, 4 hours is enough for 1 day.
I wish I could have come up with some alternative solution than paying $700+ for 12 faders and 12 mute buttons, which is all I really wanted. I’ve heard people mention a novation box that does the same, but requires a USB/Midi host. I’m not good with this stuff and the last thing I like is begging for help on forums, but I don’t do this stuff enough to become good at it.

Thanks you.



Did you check out some of the other threads on faderfox+rytm? Heres one that’s in the ballpark and gives some troubleshooting ideas.

One solid idea was to go direct faderfox into rytm just to see if that works.

Oh, and what about mapping ff to rytm yourself? A bit arduous maybe, but maybe help you troubleshoot just from understanding ff programming flow???


My advice is to program the faderfox yourself. You only need to look up all the cc’s for the AR, know which midi channels are assigned, and then program everything in the mx12.

It will take time, but you will learn the mx12 fast. It is a joy to program! So later when you want to try out some different settings you will know how.
And you get to do problem shooting :slight_smile:


I just made my MX12 template from scratch . So i had to learn how it works and what every fader does. Mine is mapped to OT and DT so there was no Factory Template for that . Just a little tip. Create your own Mapping. It’s maybe 2-3 hours but then you learn the workflow of the controller


I can’t figure out how to get the thing to pass clock through it so I can use it like I had in my original configuration with the analog RYTM as slave. I didn’t mess with it again the main problem was I didn’t know how to assign the CC’s per the manual.

There is a way. I take the midi out from DT and merge it to midi out 2 on the MX12. Midi out 1 goes back to DT without the clock and OT gets clock + transport + midi cc out of the midi out 2 of the MX12. It’s described in the manual how you can route incoming midi

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I tried to visualize what you said. Even wrote it down and I don’t get it. What I would like to do is this. Usually as I said, my squid midi out 1 goes to the input of a 1x4 thru box. Squid Midi out 2, goes to the input of another 1x4 thru box. All my other devices are connected to the outputs of the midi thru box. So Midi thru box 2 out goes to in of the AR. I just don’t know how to wire this so I don’t have to mess with my current setup and incorporate the FF MX12 into the situation.

I looked at that already. There’s no solution I can see.

So I’m wondering why the thing won’t send clock. If I have my midi thru box out going into the midi 1 in of the FF and then the midi 1 out of the FF going to the input of the AR, it will not pass clock. So I need to do some merge function to do this?

Sounds like at least the UC4 passes clock based on the thread linked below. But it also sounds like you may need to do some configuring in the ff routing section. Have you tried different configs?

PS: i must be bored to be researching this with you considering i dont have a faderfox. Work is boring today!!!


Yup. Tried every combo you can think of. I tried sending clock from both my thru box, a4, OT outs to the FF midi in. I configured it for number one routing to midi 1 in Port. It’s just will not send clock.

Ok but did you try the part outlined in the ff manual (screen captured above) where it says “2: display points are lit”?.

What about trying more creative solutions like @slawa_soloma describes. In his example, i think his use of DT is essentially your use of the toraiz and his OT is your RYTM if im tracking correctly? It seems a guarantee that you will get this worked out since the other ff users are having total success. Maybe you need to invoke the ever so powerful @faderfox move haha?

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In my case DT sends Clock and Transport to Midi IN of MX12. MX12 merges the incoming clock to midi out 2 and forwards it to the OT. Midi out 1 sends only CC to DT. Works like a charm and very steady clock even with the mass of midi messages

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Here is the part that I missed or did not understand. display points are lit. he should’ve written they have dots under them when the second option is selected. My fault. Over four hours on this and a major headache :face_with_head_bandage: