FaderFox EC4


If the EC4 or the Twister could respond to a certain message with the CC61, you could sequence that from the OT. Could be?

If I just wanted to quickly map some VST or VSTI parameters to some smooth, high res knobs while using Ableton is the Midi fighter Twister the way to go? The EC4 is twice as much and I mainly just use knobs for performing automation on my softsynths in the studio.

CC61 is the parameter you send from a midi controller to request all values of all audio track parameters from OT. OT will send all current values and the midi controller can match its values so both are set to the same state.
What do you mean with ‘sequence from OT’?

I mean that maybe we could leave a trig in the OT that makes the EC4 or Twister send that CC61 when changing parts.

This may involve a MIDI processor.

With carefull midi channels attribution you can achieve that with a midi loopback without need for processing or filtering midi data.

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I wish that more machines could respond to the CC61.

Hi there
Just got an EC4. Seems pretty useful. I am having trouble trying the OT to send feedback to the EC4 for avoid value jumps.
Any advice?

In general you need to send CC#61 from the EC4 with value 0 to the OT’s auto channel and the OT will respond with a bunch of single CC messages for all its internal parameters. Of course you need to connect MIDI IN and OUT to the OT, so you need at least a 2nd adapter cable …

I just answered more or less the same question in another thread. Here is my answer in the other thread:


Yeah – the AUTO CHANNEL is an important piece of information. I just assumed any old channel would work, which resulted in a few wasted hours – I just tend to gloss over things in manuals if I personally think there’s a smart way things ought to be done :sweat_smile:

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Im going to explore the CC61 thing. By the moment I have shared Midi channels in audio - midi. Fixing now.
Thanks a lot!

The Twister is special for sure! I love mine! The encoders don’t lag or miss things when you turn them fast. Quality is the best for encoders I’ve used.

The feedback is really good. You also quickly start to develop muscle memory when you use it for a while with the same mapping. Combine that with Macros in Ableton and the function where it automatically controls the last parameter you clicked on (OS X only) and it makes for a great “Quality” software controller.

I honestly could get by just fine with Ableton Live, a Twister, and a MIDI keyboard.

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That’s what I’ve been using this past month:
Live 10, Twister, NI M32.
No complaints.

But I still look at this EC4 with interest from time to time.

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Thinking of getting the ec4 but not sure if to save the extra for push 2.

I do like its size and push 2 is bit of a beast

This is kind of what I fall back to when I don’t want to deal with anything and just make some music (replace M32 with whatever keyboard I have nearby). Arturia KeyStep Pro could become the default since it’ll live in my slide out tray most of the time. Assuming I like it.

I considered the EC4 too but I’m perfectly happy with the twister.

Effects control with EC4, anyone?

I’m looking at options to control 2x Eventide H9’s. (Dedicated app over Bluetooth/USB gets glitchy with simultaneous use).
There’s other things I would also use it for, so wouldn’t be a luxury just for fx.

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I think wouldn’t be a problem. I tried once with Eventide Space, but ended controlling it with the Octa to have parameter lock available. I guess you can have different setups or groups for each H9

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Anyone with an EC4 who can tell me if the encoders can be reset to zero when pressing the encoder?
I’m on the verge to replace my BCR2000 with one, but really need to know if this function exists?

For example if I have a pad sound that I want to open up the filter slowly for a build up, but then want to go back to it’s original value instantly?

I don’t think this function exists but with the acceleration of the encoder, a quick turn will go from 127 to 0 instantly.

actually you can, by holding shift and pressing the encoder you can toggle between 127 (on) and 0 (off). you can also define a max-or min-limit, which would then replace these figures