External Midi2CV-Device with Constant-Clock-Off-Feature

I have to send back my Vermona qMI 2 Midi2CV-Modul because it can´t handle Octatrack´s constant clock.

There are some Modules available (Intellijel µMidi or Kilpatrick K1600) which can detect a Midi-Stop-Signal and stop the Clock-Outputs, but now I am searching for an external Midi2CV-Device with minimum 4 Midi to CV Channels to save some Rack-Space. I wrote an EMail to cv.ocd but I have no answer yet.

Is there an external Midi2CV-Device which can handle a constant clock?

Thanks in Advance.

Squarp Hermod would be a good start. Pardon the pun :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Oh tits, sorry didn’t see external…

I got a Beatstep Pro today and luckily the Beatstep (in Midi Slave Mode) stops the clock output when I stop the Octatrack Sequencer. This solution has 3 instead of 4 Channels but it saves Rack-Space.