Expressive E Osmose

I really hope sound editing isn’t like the continuum. It probably will be though.


If I could only keep one instrument, it’d be my half-size Continuum. Very interested to see what they’ve got in the works.

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It’s too early to tell how you can adjust settings, or if it even makes sound? I just hope you don’t have to click around a cumbersome GUI to adjust things. Though, if it’s more of a controller, a GUI wouldn’t be a big deal to me.

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My first reaction was to think it’s going to be a controller, but the word “instrument” is used. Mind you, I don’t mind the Continuum’s synth editor, but it isn’t intuitive and it has often left me scratching my head. Thankfully, Edmund is quick to answer and advise when I get myself into a corner. I do wish I could edit something, anything from the instrument itself. Maybe a standalone version with a screen would be nice.

This new thing doesn’t look anything like the Continuum, but a keyboard. Maybe that’s misdirection…

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Is it some kind of an overlay on a normal keyboard? It kinda looks like they’re using real keyboards in the teaser, I think…

Cuckoo was hinting at something really special on Instagram today. That teaser video was amusing. I will say, it’s not often you see Marc Doty that impressed with something. As interesting as it may be, I’m not a keyboardist at all, so I wonder if something like this upcoming product would be lost on me.

They’ve said they’re using theEaganMatrix synth engine. Expressive E are good at computer based expressive synthesis on their own. Makes a lot of sense for them to team up, and combine their experience with the Touche’ with Haken and Edmund Eagan.

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Looking closely at the image – and this is only my guess – it looks like the first row of keys are “linear”. And then they connect up to a conventional layout. All this with most likely a Continuum/Touche’ expressive sort of feel.

With all the “independent” comments, it’s got to be pretty good. Of course, Expressive E got to edit this video, so the criticism – when does Doty say anything with at least a little critique – gets edited out. Still this should be good.

Prime competition obviously is ROLI Seaboard products and of course the Continuum itself.

ADDED: I see Nick at SonicState is going to do a “first look/preview” soon.

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In my mind I’m thinking the Continuum sort of “keyboard” sitting on top of an Expressive E Touche type “wobble thing” (for want of a better word). So you play notes and can push down, wobble, slide, etc.

Doesn’t quite fit in with that image which does look to also include a normal keyboard in the image but that’d be pretty cool having owned the Touche

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Bill Laurence in the video (second guy in) says something like “unreal the amount of expression you can get … at a real keyboard.” So there’s a “real” keyboard about this thing somewhere.

SonicState put this image up that they got from the video.

A bit of a guess on my part, but it looks like it’s 49 keys, or maybe more. I like that it’s likely a two arm size sort of thing.

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Be such a disappointment for me if this ends up being a standard keyboard with built in touché in place of mod/pitch and possibly a synth engine


It would be a quantum leap in a way. Considering keyboards haven’t changed much in the past 100 years. I’m also imagining that type of construction (keys with their own touche) and I feel like it would end up costing a billion dollars.


Seems like it will be “Osmose”. Hope the name will deliver that promise!

It is indeed named Osmose.

Here’s the press teaser:

the next evolution of the piano keyboard

For decades, the musical keyboard has imposed limits to players’ expressivity. That’s about to change.

On November 20, French instrument manufacturer Expressive E will announce Osmose, a new generation of the keyboard instrument that will revolutionize the way music is made.

The result of seven years of R&D focused on a players’ interaction with electronic instruments, Osmose pushes the limits of musical expression. Every key features the incredible, patented AKA (Augmented Keyboard Action) technology, which gives keyboardists a new landscape of physical gestures for interacting with sounds and producing music you’ve never heard before.

Linked are two photos I have:





It is indeed 4 octaves. See my linked photo

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If someone wants to upload my photos inline here, feel free. As a new user here I don’t yet have permissions to upload images.

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This thing is going to cost big £££s!

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I wonder if it uses similar tech to Touch Keys?