Exception ssp: 4...?

My second day of owning an OT and I get this???

It only happened once, should i be alarmed by this error?
Could it just be the Flash card?

I wouldnt be to freaked out…
I would try to remember what i did… and do it again…
if it did… I would post those findings to the nice people at HQ.

I just got this same thing (not sure if exception number is identical) while trying to reverse a sample. I had to shut the machine down and it appears my entire project was deleted :frowning:

Haven’t you saved it before?

When working on a project for a longer period of time I also recommend making project backups using PROJECT->SAVE TO NEW. Cards can fail or projects can become corrupted. So better be safe than sorry.


I recommend that you make a support ticket on Elektron’s website.

Without all the details of the exception (photo) or a way to reproduce it this won’t help.

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I connected my octatrack over USB to my computer and inspected the files, they appeared to still be in tact, and when I restarted the octatrack after that, the project was recovered.

maybe something about viewing the directory from another device de-corrupted it? I have no idea but glad it isn’t lost