Erm… digitone is bad gear


He always end up praising the gear he talks about

In any case, he’s never a GAS killer for me :cry:


Nice! I actually enjoy his videos that feature gear I like the most :rofl: It’s like a roasting session - all good fun


Good analogy, it’s a roast. Except sometimes it’s truly bad gear. Not in this case though.


I saw a leaked memo and apparently next week he’s going to be covering the Moog Model D, the week after it’s a Buchla Music Easel and then really getting ready for the festive season with a Cwejman S1 that he found in a local charity shop.


i love bad gear such a breath of fresh air from super serious sYntHfLuEnCeRs

like dont get actually triggered bc your beloved gear is “bad”. being super serious about hardware is cringy itself.


i too thought that voice count was small during first few months.
nowadays i dont know where to use leftover voices :tongue:

its a shame he couldnt get the latest update! keyboard fold really opens the machine up.

my worst roast for DN is that it completely lacks expression within the box.
its such a strong standalone device, that pairing a controller with it, usually ruins the magic.
imagine optical switches for trigs that can read velocity :aw:


When I think of the limitations of a machine, and how I need to pair it with a new one, I always watch this video - that I have posted times and times again in this forum, sorry for that

(I don’t even own a DN, but it’s certainly top on my list of Elektron devices, if I ever get back to that)


Just got mine delivered today… better send it back then.



This gentlemen is a sophisticated troll. I think his aim is to cover every possible gear in his weekly capsule to come with a statement that every gear can be considered bad by some users and every so-called bad gear can sound great in the right context.


I think he started reviewing bad gear and then he ran out of bad gear and didn’t want to change the name of the channel. In the last videos he showed more good than bad things of the gear. But “bad” can also mean “good”, right?
I admire his work ethic. And he’s not only good (bad) with editing and jokes. His jams in between are also quite good (bad). :slight_smile:

Very nice dude btw. He was active in our Gear Haters group on facebook when he started his channel.


I’m so intimately familiar with the digitone that I love hearing anyone gripe about the same things that I’m griping about. If it’s a gripe I don’t have (why doesn’t it have samples??) then I’m not interested.

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yep at this point the show should just be called “…gear”

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he convinced me to buy Waldorf Rocket (right before it was discontinued)


I can’t wait for the Octatrack episode


this guys forced meme filled videos are so cringy


maybe he means bad like “bad ass”


Digitone Keys raises its hand


I don’t know at what point in the channe I started watching but to my knowledge it’s always been framed tongue-in-cheek as “most hated gear” in reference to the online “synth community” GAS set’s negativity, and he’s always tried to stretch the gear towards usable ends. In nearly every case! :wink:

The “bad” is in reference to GAS huffers’ weird desire to treat tools like some dipshit tribalist expression of consumerist identity. Me good smart like Ford, you drive Chevy me pee on you.

That sort of contentless, artless demand to be taken seriously needs a lot of laughing at and I’m happy he puts so much effort into what are often legitimately frustrating interfaces that put me off :slight_smile:

Example of the maturity of “this synth is a toy and anyone who uses it is a POSEUR while I am SUPER COOL!!!”-

It’s far easier to take as satire, the intro vids are well done.

The Youtube conventions aren’t super overused, his (again, tongue-in-cheek) use of the “WOW” to punctuate features nerds like me seek out makes me laugh.

I like it because he takes complaints and checks them out with far more energy than I have in my day to see if they’re really “deal-killers” beyond the incessant internet hot noise machine of user-generated garbage, and he can address legit complaints about my fave devices.

I also like it because it’s never GAS-driving, I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to pick up anything based off of them, but I’ve been inspired by it to use what I’ve already got.


Afaik the Digitone was never really hated by the “synth community”. But i could be wrong.