Erm… digitone is bad gear

People complain about everything though. I think that’s more that dudes point.


Waiting for his CS-80 video. It could be his last one. He probably has one already. :slight_smile:

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The meme @ 37 sec is 100% true.

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The Digitone is truly awful. I can’t believe anyone would use such a crappy device. So many negatives, I just don’t have time to list them all here.

Anyways, not to change the subject, but I am starting a new Digitone disposal service. If anyone wants to send me theirs so that I can dispose of it properly, please do.


I agree that they are cringy, but entertaining to me nonetheless. Plus he sure sums up the important stuff about the synths and delivers great jams.

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I always enjoy these videos. The satire is broad, but not lazy (there’s a lot of work put into it, and while it’s the same in style each time, the details definitely vary). The music is good, as are the points made, usually.




Is the world really running out of bad gear to review?

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No bad gear, just bad click bait vids.


No bad gear, only misunderstood gear


Very good point. But prob a bit too nuanced for these type of vids

I like the approach of using the same intro song with each featured synth, but I actually thought the DN sounded pretty underwhelming and flat on the intro track compared with the other vids.


I always hated those stickers. Calvin was so un-aggro, introspective and seemingly always looking to grow his compassion…


Sometimes I feel like in the intro tunes it seems that he hasn’t had enough time to really dig into the machine to make it sound good. This episode might be one of those times.


The cringiest things are usually the terrible synth-parent memes he finds on the web, but that’s all in good stupid fun.

By people who make music? Nah.

But by people who place importance of identity in buying “the cool” thing and trying to make others care that they think other thing is “uncool”, people will complain about anything.

GAS/terminally online brainworms.

Oh yeah, it’s just such a weird phenomena.

The “best” incarnation is how it’s been repurposed for the lifted black pickup truck with a black flag demo to calvin with a cross on his knees (next to all the skulls.)

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Damn, I was on the fence but now definitely want one.


Haha, did he show the clip of him dropping a Digitakt firmware in Transfer to troll us or did he try to flash an incompatible firmware? :hm:

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At first glance it’s ticking all the boxes


Really like Florian Pilz’s channel. There are some choice Memes he assembles, his references are not too far off the mark :slightly_smiling_face:

I pause and read everyone of these in his videos and find myself nodding my head, with a smirk

And candidly, my Digitone Keys has been sitting in a gig bag for 4 months. I think it’s a little too cold, and although at first I was charmed by the unusual form factor, the novelty has worn off. I might be ready to move it along. So yeah, he’s not entirely off base IMO. I love my Sequential Take 5, and I am thinking hard about the MiniFreak, looks like fun. I wouldn’t add “fun” in the same sentence as Digitone Keys, if you asked me.
So maybe I am in the minority here, but I dig AudioPilz’s channel :slight_smile: