Empress Zoia


Spent all day with this running in a feedback loop with the digitone (Z->DTinput, DT->Zinput) , with both boxes sending and receiving midi and it was glorious. There is so much space to explore with this tiny little box, just barely scratching the surface.


excitement intensifies

I’m picking up my Zoia this coming Tuesday. Work commitments mean I likely won’t get any time with it at all for a couple of weeks, but still… it’ll be in my hands! For me, the first port of call will be digging into it’s looping capabilities.

Would I be right in thinking the grid could be used for some MLR-type start-position-futzing?


Any trustworthy store in Europe selling Zoias? I’m still waiting for Thomann to send mine but now it says 2-3 weeks, so I guess they got a small batch and I wasn’t one of the lucky buyers…might cancel the order if I find it somewhere else.

There’s a discussion group about it on Facebook and so far it’s very active. Doesn’t help with the GAS, though hahaha


I ordered mine from Gear4Music, which is showing me a delivery date of 30 April, but the page now says it’s estimated delivery of 28-30 August so I’m hoping I got in on the first batch. Am checking!


Thank you! Although Elektron did say my ARMKI PSU would work on my OTMKI, they advised not to make it a permanent thing.


Pro tip!

Super excited to use the various followers. Never used them before and in thinking about them they could do some interesting work. Although Empress has confirmed the pitch follower is really bad - but theyre working on it.


My ZOIA landed today (I was expecting it at the end of May so this is an amazing thing!).

I plugged it in, found a reverb patch, made some swells, and put all my other pedals straight back in their box! This pedal is amazing. The loopers seem really good fun and I think there’ll be a lot of textural magic to be found.

I don’t think I’ll get any time with it for a week or so (client work demands my time) but I’m so happy to have it. Really glad I dove in and grabbed this one instead of something else.


Strymon BigSky, allegedly. Was considering buying one, before I found a good deal for an Eventide H9 Max. Now there are so many interesting reverb pedals on the market, including the Zoia, heh, that I’m not sure I’d go for the BigSky now if I hadn’t gotten the H9.

Eventide’s 'factor pedals reportedly have it (they call it “spillover”) but not the H9.


Some Zoia goofery for y’all.


That is f*****g awesome, @mr_bernard. So you’re using frequencies to control the loop start position? This is right up my alley… I’d be really interested to see how you put the patch together if you’d be happy to share?


Thanks a ton!
You bet! Super simple, actually:

Audio Input goes parallel to output and looper module and separately to the following:

  • Highpass Filter > Envelope Follower >Loop Length modulation

  • Lowpass Filter > Envelope Follower >Loop Start point modulation

The rest of the explanation is in my instagram post:
Left switch - momentary loop capture
Mid switch - latch loop reverse
Right switch - restart loop


Thank you! That’s really helpful. It’s great to see some unique looper effects coming up from the ZOIA; it’s pretty much why I bought it.

Gonna go have a play!


Very short and low quality snippet of my first noise…


Good lord, this pedal is complicated…!


Man, that’s some creative patching


You can set the BigSky to have ‘tails’ or not; same with the TimeLine. Most of my digital delay pedals have it as standard, too (the Boss DD range does, at least). For something like a reverb pedal, it’s a must for me (one of the reasons why the BigSky has never left my board… ever!)


Seems to be standard in time-based FX pedals these days. I’ve looked at the ones by EQD (Dispatch Master, Avalanche Run, etc.), Walrus Audio, Keeley, Meris, etc. I’m not saying all of the above have “preserve tails”/spillover support - the ones w/o presets don’t apply to the discussion for example - but it seemed like the majority do.



I know this isn’t a ZOIA help forum, but… You don’t know how to clear a looper buffer without recording over it, do you? There’s a whole bunch of stuff (like resetting a looper to 100% play speed!) that is outside my thought-processing-zone right now :joy:


I haven’t thought about it, but I would think: a VCA ahead of the looper, and use two stomp switches. One, assigned to the rec/play of the looper, the other as a momentary assigned to the rec/play of the looper AND to a CV inverter that slams shut the VCA. This would kill your signal to the looper and “record” nothing, clearing it out. very important that this is momentary. That’s just what I’d say off the cuff… I’d have to mess with it later to get you a more “certain answer.”

Edit: you’re more than welcome to PM me. I love nerding out about problem-solving.


You know I’m gonna do that! I’ll holler when my brain’s a little more awake.