Empress reverb

Pretty blown away by the videos for this. My pedal board is full of delays but no nice verbs. Think I prefer the sound of the Empress to Big Sky and Eventide, sounds a little less processed. More authentic on the ‘real’ verbs and cooler on the weird stuff. Anyone got one and one of the others and can give first hand opinion on comparison?

Looks awesome! Love the Knobs video.


Had my eye on this for awhile (then I got an OT). Love the idea of the “Beer” mode (and, I’m sorry, the fact they actually put that on the unit almost made me pull the trigger.)

Though is the input un/balanced or instrument?

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Not sure about inputs. Have a feeling it’ll be fine for both instrument or line but will find out for sure before grabbing one.

yes, the Empress seems goog, but that price…

i stumbled over the (also Stereo) new Neunaber Immerse, less options,
but also great sound http://www.effekt-boutique.de/effektgeraete/reverb/neunaber-technology-immerse-reverberator.html

and almost half the price…

Yeah I’d like to pay less too but price seems about right compared to similar pedals? I like that this has 3 amp cabinet models, great bread and butter verbs selection + the tape warble thing and nice ambient/weird verbs. Prob gonna grab one next month.

Yeah I find that to be the case too. Though I haven’t dived deeply into features (no easy MIDI, though? SD card for presets?).

I mean if sounds great, perhaps offering great/unique sonic characteristics, then I’d say it’s fairly priced.

I’d like to your feedback on it when you do. Enjoy!

Yeah I’ll post some feedback on it if I grab one. Looking likely :slight_smile:

Think the SD card is mainly for adding new reverbs, on their forum they’re having polls/taking suggestions…

Not sure about the midi/CV side. Would be cool if it’s reasonably deep and can do CCs from my OT but not a deal breaker for me personally.


Went looking. Confirmed by Empress that it’s Line Level: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/empress-effects-reverb-stereo-midi-compatible.1663755/page-9.

Top O’List.

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They added ‘destroyer pad’ to the verbs in new update. Shitty audio on the video but seems pretty cool, kind of like a whammy on the wet + some other stuff going on. Anyone cop one of these yet? Hopefully grabbing one later this month…

is there any synth demo with the empress reverb in youtube?

Thanks for that… will install tonight. I’ve had the pedal for about a week. Delicious, so far.

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A little off topic but I have other empress effects pedals and they are great!
And while I don’t have the reverb I am sure it will be as good as the ones I do have!

Youre liking it so far then :wink: Have you owned/used any of the other multi-verbs (big sky/space etc) to compare? Think I’m gonna go for the Empress but would still be interested to hear any first hand options comparing them.

I’ve effectively got a Space as I have an H9 Max. IME Space has some great other-worldly vibes but I find it less appealing for shorter, more real-world applications. I haven’t used the Big Sky but I’ve certainly listened to many demos. I find the Empress sound very organic and enveloping, where the Big Sky sounds a bit more clinical. Comes down to personal choice I suppose… I think they’re all good reverbs and any one could probably serve as your main reverb. So far in my testing, Empress covers short, long, weird and pedestrian really well to my ears. NB I’ve only used it on guitar so far.

I should mention I like the fact that Empress is adding additional modes through SD card updates. My update was very quick and trouble-free and now I’ve 3 new reverb modes to play with. :heart_eyes:

Thanks for the info. Yeah I’d often use it with guitar here as well. Sounds great in demos. I normally like ‘real’ sounds for reverb, unless it’s intentionally weird. Like you say, the Empress seems to nail that kind of selection. What’s the deal with the updates? Does the unit store old + new or do you have to switch out/choose between the algos?

Ordered. Should be here tomoro :slight_smile:

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It all fits in there, no swapping of algos/modes.


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