Empress reverb

@Callofthevoid How are you liking the Empress reverb?

Are you connecting midi in to sync with the rest of your gear? How does that work?

Overall the quality of the verbs is impressive. But I’ve never used bigsky or space to be able to compare. Very real/3d/warped/movement/weird/subtle/otherworldly. Depending on what you dial in. I’ve only had a little time on it so far. Just tweaking. Haven’t looked in to the Preset storage/recall practicalities yet. Seems like it should be fine in that area but obvs it doesn’t have the screen for reference.

Haven’t checked out the midi yet. I need to buy one of the Empress midi boxes. They’re around £40. The midi box has 4 outs so it’s pretty useful as the Empress reverb has that same midi connection type as chase bliss Warped Vinyl which I have and Chase bliss Tonal Recall, which I’m hoping to grab asap. They all need the Empress midi box. I think? Maybe you could diy a cable tho if you know what that stuff…

I wish the midi din jacks were built-in like on the Big Sky. Using Empress midi box means I need an additional power jack, and it takes up space.

Though the Empress Reverb does seem to have a wider set of options for weird and neat sounds when compared to Big Sky or Space.

Yeah din midi would have been nice for sure. I’d been putting off grabbing the Empress midi box for the Warped vinyl tho and now it’s crept up the list, so it kind of worked out OK here :wink:

I wonder if the midi box is necessary. Or if one could use a simple midi din to 3.5mm cable with a 1/4" TRS adapter on it. That would be ideal for me, as I would only have the single Empress Reverb pedal.

Sorry, can’t help you there but maybe someone else knows? Or could drop empress a quick mail.

Yeah, I’m mostly thinking out loud here :ecstatic:

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Did you by any chance get an answer on this? Checking before I drop them a line…

Sorry can’t help, I didn’t investigate as I’m just gonna grab the Empress midi box.


Still happy with the pedal, then?

Haven’t had a lot of time with it still or even updated it but yeah, sounds great so far :slight_smile:

how does this pedal feel after 2 month of use?
could you update on this?
what do you use it on, what do you like/ dont like bout it?
do you know any demos wh being used on synths?
how is it on percussion?
oh thats a lot of questions…
thanks for any input on this subj

Haven’t dug in to it much TBH. Been trying to mess less with gear and finish some overdue stuff. Just had it on a spring setting on my guitar board since last post and even then I’ve prob only used it half hour or so cos I’ve been focused on mixing. Haven’t even updated the firmware…

Might have a look at updating and messing more tomoro if I get some time. If I do I’ll update feedback :slight_smile:

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I’d really like to hear some demos of the Empress with synths.

Does anyone have any or can point me in the right direction?

I’ve been comparing online (guitar) demos, of the BigSky and Empress. The Empress sounds a little bit murky to me. It almost seems to sit underneath the sound, whereas the BigSky seems to envelope the sound. Pretty shit descriptions there, sorry.

So, what’s the overall opinion on Empress, I’ve stumbled upon a video on youtube, where the guy glorifies it till the moment, being “the best reverb pedal” around, for this price. I just had Ventris, and I’m sending it back, cause i don’t like the menu diving/app controlling options for pedals and i think its a little pricy. I also own Space. Now I’m a little confused, should I try it or look for something different or what :slight_smile:

yes, reference

I don’t know if it qualifies as “best reverb pedal ever”, but it is certainly a top quality pedal.
No menu diving at all, but it takes some time to know all the programs and their options. I haven’t tried to control it in MIDI yet, but I should give it a try at some point :slight_smile:

It’s awesome on synths! I bring this pedal to gigs and jams more often than the Space, because it’s smaller, lighter, more solid, and more capable IMO.

Space is not leaving, though, because I can’t get bored of the Blackhole algo ^^
My impression is that Empress Reverb adds to the sound without removing too much, while the Eventide Space really transforms the sound (not saying it’s good or bad).

I am really fond of top quality reverbs.
I sent back the Strymon cause I was bored of it in the return window, I loved the Eventide at first sight and while it cost me a lot of money I have never considered letting it go, even when in need.
But the one I would keep if I had to choose is the Empress :heart:


I can only second what Ben says about the Empress Reverb. It’s the most versatile Reverb unit I know personally and which doesn’t color everything with its own “paint” (unless you want it to).

As a nice “hidden” add-on: there is a looper inside which utilizes the storage card.

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I use it on everything. EVERYTHING. I love it. Can be super subtle to walls of bliss. I use it solely on synths and have often thought about getting another one.

Speaking of Blackhole, the VST is currently on sale for €49,- and boy does it sound nice.

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I think “best ever” is always going to be a pretty subjective determination. I think it stacks up well to the other heavy hitters in its league (Ventris, BigSky, Space/H9, RV-500, uh… Dark World, I guess?); I’ve owned all of the aforementioned, and all of them have their value/appeal, and to someone’s ears, all of them are going to do some things better than others or some interface is going to be more amenable to their process.

I like the Reverb in particular because there is a level of detail to the algorithms that gives them a “liveliness”; subtle uses of detuning and modulation, filtering, etc. The high and low damping make it very easy to fit within a sonic “space” too, without being too overbearing. And there’s no (/very little, some options that one generally sets and forgets) menu-diving, or apps, or even a display with inscrutable short-hand. It’s immediate, and it sounds unique.

(Although again, to the question of “best ever” and subjectivity, I prefer the Keeley Gold Star to any of these in terms of pure sonic enjoyment, and I think the Flint is a better algorithm for algorithm reverb than the BigSky, because taste is subjective. Or maybe everyone but me is wrong. It’s probably one or the other of those.)