Elektronauts Tribute Album: Silver Souls

I haven’t Even Started Yet…Hopefully Will Start It Soon.

I Was Wondering If Many People Are Still Taking Part In This?

I’m definitely still in.

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me too

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Track sent!

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Hey Everybody! Thanks to the people who send their tracks in already. They are great! As for the rest who still want to participate, you’ve got a little over one month from now!


Track sent

mm…i don’t think i’ll make it with a new track before the deadline, been too busy developing and debugging :expressionless:
would it still be ok to submit an old track i made back in the days? :worried:(if not, i understand…)

was there ever a decision made on the use of 1cycle waves?

Not explicitly, no. But given that custom waves are such a core piece of :elmm: MkII functionality, I think demanding that everyone uses the factory default waveforms only would feel like a harsh restriction. I’m personally using some of the Immortal Waves waveforms in my project and I’m sure others have used custom waveforms.

I have a question re: prepping the audio files - as they’re going to be mastered, how much headroom should we leave?

thanks. i should have been more explicit though:

how about the use of 1cycle waves in the machinedrum?

they’re samples, but one could for example move a MnM 1cycle – including one from the factory set – to the MD using the TM-1 easily.

we’re edging up to the deadline so no need for a lengthy discussion here … just want to be clear. i’ve got a few nearly finished tracks that make use of 1cycles and the call will likely affect whether i submit anything.

I guess MM waveforms into MD is perfectly OK, as sampling MM is OK.
In the end, @dubathonic, the spirit is the Tribute :cb:


Yes, what @LyingDalai said. Keep in mind that it is a tribute.

I’ve got the same issue here… due to health issues within the family and some livesets early 2017… I dont have time anymore to contribute myself, and I cant send in an older track cause all of them are not monomachine only unfortunatly… but If you have an old one and it is within the tributes spirit, I cant see an issue with an old track, but offcourse it would be nice to contribute something new with the silver soul in mind.

I Have Been Meaning To Ask And Probably A Stupid Question?? But Can We Use Microphones? Im Not Wanting To Sing A 6 Min Love Ballard, More Like Using The Internal Effects On The :elmm: & :elmd: To Show What The Machines Can Do :slight_smile:


Rob. :loopy:

Track uploaded!

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no sorry…

Track uploaded!
The Robots Are Coming - Pop It [Elektronauts Tribute Album- Silver Souls]

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stress, stress, stress…!! Deadline is sooooon, and I have so little time…aarrggghh.


So right !!

Just… a few more… p-locks…

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