Elektronauts Tribute Album: Silver Souls

There’s already a pointer in this very thread to the forum guidelines, I suggest you have a look through those and consider them next time you feel this way.

Leave the place better than you found it and keep it friendly even when disagreeing

Please :thup:

@Vorlis Haha, you took it the wrong way - not refusing to listen just that it doesn’t interest me to hear DAW produced tracks when I am interested in hearing what people do with the machines on their own. You can go on soundcloud and listen to a million DAW+Elektron machine tracks, I was interested when I thought that it was just the pure sound of the machine(s), but “mastered and processed” in a DAW isn’t that, for me.

I did LOL at the “wind ur neck in” comment though :slight_smile:


Haha ok man, me too. Everything i do myself is stereo L/R out and recorded live, so I’m kinda with you on it all anyway. Not so much on the mastering though, if its going to be an album that people could potentially pay a few shillings for to support some charity, it deserves to be mastered, no?

Im glad ya didn’t take it the wrong way like myself :zipper_mouth:

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Yeah totally agree on the mastered whole album, but just not “competitive” loudness mastering on an individual track basis.

No worries man, I’m not very good at expressing myself typing, when I re-read what I wrote it did come off as a bit knobish hence my laughter at your comment :relaxed:


Oh wow, this thread exploded! I cannot make everybody happy I guess.

I read everything back and I’m a little sad that there are people that don’t like the “boundaries” of this tribute to the silver. I don’t mean to be some kind of evil person, I just want to bring this to a success. So there are some difficulties on its way. Sorry I’ve got some difficulties to express myself because English is not my native language, but I’ll do my best.

I’m not gonna say much anymore because everytime I say something there are people who stumbled over each other to comment on me.
There are a few negative comments to me, surely I don’t like that but thats all I’m gonna say about that…

As for the rules/limitations, do what you think its best to bring out the silver soul, please keep somewhere in the back of your head the boundaries of this compilation. I just wrote them down because in the previous thread we thought that these boundaries would bring out the true silver music… We, Elektronauts, just want to make this a success and a nice album to listen to.
As others stated as well, the most imported thing is that each and everyone of you loves making music, so lets do that!

@ipassenger If you feel like that you did little sampling and you can hear the “soul” of your silver box, lets send it in then, you fought for that… I’m still not totally agree but hey, we are here to make a great tribute album all together!


Thank you for your reply.

Ultimately I was happy with my track and it meant something to me, to re-do it didn’t seem right, at least not under the conditions this debate has created. It wasn’t my intention to create any animosity or ill feeling but I felt my thoughts were being ignored.

I’ll chop some off the front to get it under 6 minutes, remove the mastering chain and submit it to your link above.


I would wait with that if I were you in case rules change again.

and I agree with @darenager why not include UW but include multitracking, seem odd? UW is my fav part of MD to me.

Hey @YloopZ! I made a couple of albums with only my MnM and I’d love to submit a track. Is that okay or are you looking for original compositions only? Apologies if you already said this. I missed it.

Why not a double album?

Side one: MKI, so no samples in either machine.
Side two: MKII, here you can have your samples in the Machinedrum and User-waves in the Monomachine.

Maybe it’s nice if every track has a small description of what machines are used and perhaps include the .syx for every song on the album.

As for recording i would prefer to record just the stereo outputs, this way you really hear what the machines are about.
No editing after recording, no EQ, compression or anything.
Just record at around -6dB and leave the rest to mastering.

sounds dope, btw !! :slight_smile: Really nice and contemporary composition mate!

I would love to participate as well - sadly i only own the whole dark trinity and have no silver box around anymore :frowning: it was a shame i had to sell the MD several years ago …

Maybe I missed it but I didn’t see anything about DigiPro waves for the MnM. Are we allowed to use the free Elektron wave packs ( Oxford Overdrive, Immortal etc…) ?

Thank you :slight_smile: The MD is a great box for immediacy (i’ve had two!) but I don’t think there is anything else like the Mono.

yeah the Mono sometimes felt like a “Modular light” to me :slight_smile: The sounds it was capable of were always unexpected and amazing. But it had problems with proper low ends as far as i can remember. I had a MnM 4 or 5 years ago and always struggled to get some decent basses out of it. But the Chords it created were fantastic - as one can hear in your track - and its Soundscapes could be huge. As the OT came out i had the old Trinity for several months and it was amazing! I dont get this “feeling” with AR/A4/OT anymore. But thats ok - AR and A4 deliver the low end i usually need and apart from that the OT can deliver sounds close to what i could do on the MD (and partially on the MnM) - if i have the right samples. However: The organic sound both silver boxes delivered is something i one day want to have back in my castle again !! AR/A4 both cant deliver that! Time to save up money now :slight_smile:

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I think someone suggested that as long as it can be dumped via MIDI it would be OK to use… Sounded like a reasonable suggestion to me, as the track would be “re-producable” by anyone with the same equipment. I am not sure though if a consensus has been formed if this was ok or not.

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Where do we submit the tracks? Is there a dropbox or address we can Wetransfer them to?

Dropbox URL: dropbox silver souls

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Thanks :slight_smile:

The deadline is fine, so I’ve got enough time… :elmm:


and i’m here if you want to put this out on itunes, spotify, google, tidal, etc. you’ll get 100% of the royalties that you can throw to whatever charity you want. just shoot me a PM.

Yikes, that deadline has snuck up somehow. Time to get cracking. How is everyone else going?

edit: oh wait, one month longer than I thought.