Elektronauts Tribute Album: Silver Souls

Let’s not mistake Elektronauts for Gearslutz or whatever @Baddcr, hope you find your good community mojo asap, we know it’s there. In the meantime, these guidelines may help when you feel hot and bothered. I see another mod is dealing with this, so please deal with the matter of language and tone there.


A lot of noise for nothing.
Too much people preach for their own church. Isn’t it possible to let our surdimensioned ego on the side and consider that it’s fun to do with few and understand that there are no issues here.

Is it posdible to do it just for fun ? As if we were between friends and show what we can do with just on or two Swedish box we love.
The stages are full of artists using MD or MnM, but each time we wonder what does really produce the box we consider.
If it’s just to here a song that involve MD or MnM that’s little interest.

Do what you want guys, but never forget to have fun and stay humble.
Schüß bro


Arguably right… but the consensus as far as I was concerned from the original thread, was use the boxes as your only sound source and only use DAW stuff for multi tracking/EQ or compression… and that is what I did.

Then Yloopz takes over and suddenly my track is not acceptable. Many people in this thread and I in the other have tried to reason the argument against but the response has pretty much been: “well I have made my mind up and it is my project now, so tough.”

In the previous compilations it has been pretty much anything goes and it is right that shouldn’t be the case with this one given its nature… on the other hand the purpose here was to celebrate powerful machines and use them. The project has been soured by, in my opinion, a quite selfish and unreasonable agenda.

I don’t have vast amounts of time to write music these days, so when I saw the project and had a little time, I was happy to get involved. I was pleased with my submission and it reminded me of why the boxes are great.

What has happened since is just pretty depressing and I think Yloopz attitude, is poor to say the least.

why are people getting bent out of shape over this? participate or don’t, but frankly, it’s not the rules darkening the vibe, it’s the few people taking this whole thing way too seriously. this is a great community and if you think a lot of BS exists here, you better stay away from about 90% of the rest of the web. geez


For the record:

I used a few sampled drum sounds in the MDUW.
All synth (and a little percussion) is monomachine (some times in poly mode).
I multitracked and routed monomachines recordings back through the monomachine for more effect layers (particularly for the poly monomachine sounds).
I used a little eq cut here and there in Ableton live.
I used some light dynamics on the bass to fit it better round the beat.

I ran the stereo master through a few Limiting and EQ plugins to get the level more consistent and loud and tweak the mix balance.

That’s it.

I don’t think any of that is at odds with the spirit of the machines… the music is from the machines… completely.

The point here is the rules were made rigid and unbending after I submitted my track, despite several attempts at negotiation.

Just checking but, the cut-off date for submissions is December, yeah?

too much variability with using the DAW to multi track and post process. “a few plugins” mean something different to all of us.

The raw tracks really should be limited/eq/compressed at the mastering stage and not by the submitter. I figure this will give the most uniform and true sound to the machines, without dirtying it up with digital/analog post processing and resampling

Should stick to using one machine, stick to only internal sounds. I wouldn’t use any samples at all, stick to the internal tone generators to avoid any hurt feelings by not allowing external waves

but this is all unofficial, so all the whining is pretty moot. make your own silver box tribute with your homies I’m sure the community will support more than one tribute album. I’m all for lots of music being made, but without the politics.

unfortunately people will fight for their standards of musicianship when I think in this case some common sense and research needs to be applied. Follow the elektron science lab challenge format. Pretty easy and it has worked before.

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I don’t want to fan the flames here, especially as I do not have any horse in this race, but perhaps for future events I think this thought might be worth throwing in the mix, it certainly reflects my preferences …

It’s a good idea, obviously if you don’t have a retired box you can’t participate, but to level the playing field i’d have said that the rules should take this sorta shape

:one:One device (even if you have two, this makes it fairer to those that don’t and forces creativity)

:two:Recorded direct from main outs

:three:Performance should theoretically* be replicable exactly and performable by anyone with the same device using a submitted midi dump (i.e. this completely precludes non standard imported samples but allows internal re-sampling) - *(what cannot be submitted in a midi file is live performance tweaking)

:four: normalisation performed by organiser, if needed, nothing else IMHO

this seems purest/fairest to me, if you start to lean on samples and daw magic enhancements then you blur what the device truly is doing

as I said, I can’t join in and these are ideas no doubt endlessly mulled over in the other thread so sorry for stirring it up after the fact :wink:

  1. The rules didn’t change. They weren’t finalized yet. You jumped the gun.

  2. Attacking @YloopZ, who volunteered to run this project, is a poor look.


Ok, if it is a DAW multitrack and Elektron silver machines compilation then no interest to me in participating or listening to the results, no sour grapes on my part, just it doesn’t float my boat.


Hey, let’s not fight next to the Silver graves, guys, please…

In the end, I guess any track submitted will be accepted, there is nothing to win but pleasure…

@ipassenger you submitted your track while we were still debating the rules, and I don’t recall reading a line saying your track wouldn’t be accepted…
It’s a period of time where most of us may be exhausted, let’s not jump to quick conclusions.

I’d say the “rules” of only Silver boxes sounds/OTB/etc. would be some kind of guidelines.
If you guys & girls feel the need to bend the rules, no one will throw rocks.

Let’s drop it with the ugly words and feelings, it’s a celebration ladies and gentlemen…
Happiness comes from within !



well put @LyingDalai

@ipassenger that track is bangin. played it a few times and think it sets the tone nicely for the rest of the submissions.

i’d love to contribute a mnm only track myself.

True but then the “rules” were set after a submission which was in honour of the general thread…

Like i said above
“The point here is the rules were made rigid and unbending after I submitted my track, despite several attempts at negotiation.”

yloopz has implied several times through this thread and others that I should just do another track.

Thank you :slight_smile:

English is not my first language, so maybe there are inner meanings I don’t get.
When @YloopZ says…

… for me it’s just a nice way to put it, like you can try to do this, but you don’t necessarily need to.

Now please let’s get friendly people and forget these sad vibes… Having everyone participating feels better then everyone following the rules to the letter.
Everyone gets the spirit, now let’s make some nice tracks and honor these machines + @marcelvidela’s beautiful idea !


just done mine. recorded to cassette. direct outs, no eq, no compression,

Where do i send it?


If the rules are not to your liking i can see why you wouldn’t want to participate, but refusing to listen to the tunes? Jesus mate, wind ur neck in :confused:

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Send it to me :smile:
What machine/s did you use and vibes did you lay down?

mduw … impulse machines.

i didn’t use any vibes.

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