Elektronauts Hiphop Beat Battle #16 :Tarantino edition

good luck :+1:

Love the theme, I’ll try to participate again!

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True Romance and From Dusk til Dawn both should definitely count.

Imho Jackie brown is his best work, and definitely way underrated…


And it has the coolest soundtrack!

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I’m gonna give it a watch later.
I never watched it because I unwittingly see the last 20 minutes when I went to visit someone who happened to be watching it, and it kind of spoiled it for me.
but yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing it now.

Nice I’m gonna binge a few over the next few days to get some vibes going… enjoy :+1:

Love the theme and love the extra time on the deadline. I’m gonna put a no-excuses guarantee on my participation on this one and force myself to take part, as I have been loving keeping an eye on these and itching to get my hands dirty. I vow to submit something I can take pride in on this one.

My vote (if it means anything) is for From Dusk Till Dawn, Natural Born Killers and other outliers from his catalog to be off limits, but I believe that True Romance should be included. Reasons for the True Romance exception:

  1. True Romance was Quentin’s first major script, which he used to jumpstart his career by pitching it to an established director, the late, and great Tony Scott (RIP), who is Ridley Scott’s brother.

  2. True Romance was very important to Quentin, and very personal. It was like his baby, and he chose Tony specifically because he loved the script, and was willing to work closely with QT to get his input on the entire tone of the film, soundtrack included.

  3. Unlike the NBK soundtrack, which was helmed by Trent Reznor and Oliver Stone, the True Romance soundtrack was largely curated by QT himself, and most of the songs used were placed in the film score already by QT and are notated on the original screenplay. The rights to use the Soundgarden song from the soundtrack was the most lavish budgetary expense, and was not a QT pick, but a selection added by the music director to add some “90’s Grunge” vibe to the Brad Pitt stoner scenes.

  4. Due to certain fake brand usage, character names, and other QT cinematic world building easter eggs in the film, enough crossover exists for many to consider it an essential part of the core Tarantino canon.

  5. It’s my favorite movie of all-time, and I would prefer to start my sample search there, but I’ll wait to see if it’s officially in the sound pool first. I also already have some great dialogue in mind from the film that would be epic on a grimy intro part or break section. There’s certainly no shortage of great dialogue to pull from Quentin’s primary films as well though.

But if it’s off limits, no biggie.
Looking forward to this, and no excuses allowed (for me) this time. Plenty of time to cook, marinate, ect.

I thought of one question as well. I’m also a rapper and have a little vocal booth in the home studio. If I write a rhyme to bless the beat with, is it allowed, or instrumental with dialogue snippets only? I’m down either way, just want to know what’s acceptable. Cheers.


I was going to write that but just wrote can I use True Romance :joy:


nice. great theme. Was hoping it would be Charlie Brown Christmas, but maybe next month (Great album!) :wink: I’m in on the Tarantino for sure


Def watch either/both of those. Jackie Brown and Kill Bill are amazing films

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Please let it be that

Ok. After an excellent write up by @Funk_Illuminati True Romance will be included as well


We did that last year and I really liked my beat so I would love to do another Christmas battle next month.


love that you want to do that, and all for that happening but we need to tread lightly here for this particular battle.

  1. blaize and I want the focus to be on the beatmaking creativity specifically for this round, without leaning heavily on over reliance on an accapella to carry the beat

  2. Bringing your own rhymes is sweet and not using a premade professional accapella adds to the creativie energy - but… the there is a good chance you would be the only one who did that and

  3. You might have just given yourself away before you even made the beat. Voting is done blind, so it should be anonymous who made which track, no biases toward anyone just going on sound alone.

Try to keep anninemity with no indication or clues on what you are making. If you can do this and include a very brief rap or a couple of one liners I’m not opposed. Just think of it like sampling your own vox. If you need an example of using brief rhymes over the top or as a fill check out what people did with the last battle. Probably best to save the full rap track for a future battle though


I kinda dig the no vocal rule as a general concept for these, so absolutely no issues here. Minimal raps, like how dubstep and future bass often sample a two bar rhyme and chop it up on the riddims? I can dig that shit too, like dirt baby!

About the admission slip, oops, but I’m not the only rapper here. Doug spits, and quite well from what I’ve heard, and there’s at least one more cracker that spits here too (with some decent poetics/delivery also).

Hell yeah, I’m in!

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I’m still kind of new here, not sure who does what or how this should go, never hosted or posted before. From what I gather the guidelines are more about setting a level playing field.

If everyone else makes instrumentals and only one person has rapping then people who prefer raps to instrumentals may be skewed that direction and others may feel disadvantage that they could have included a rap but didn’t

I myself take a liking to instrumentals a lot of the time because there is a little more creative freedom in the sampling and track structure that wouldn’t always work on a vocal based track, I think its a little easier to get experimental with instrumental hiphop

Would love to hear you and any other mcs around here bring it on one of these battles though

I’m not sure how much the voting for anonymous tracks matters, but it is fun not knowing going in blind and maybe guessing who made what once you get to know a person’s style or maybe being surprised


I think the blind voting makes sure there is no biases for posters who are super cool.

Have you ever listened to an instrumental of a well known rap song, sometimes they leave sooo much room for the lyrics that the instrumental can seem underwhelming.

That’s the power of vocals.

I hope it stays instrumental so it stays competitive.

But for those who do rap, I NEED to hear your flow. You could produce it with vocals, mute them, submit and see how well you do, then after voting is over, release the full song with flow.

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