Elektronauts Hip Hop Beat Battle #10: When We Were 10

Elektronauts Beat Battle #10: When We Were 10

Welcome to Elektronauts Beat Battle #10, brought to you by yours truly and the stickmanishly handsome @waftlord!
This edition’s theme is When We Were 10, and as such we will be using samples from our favorite childhood TV shows whilst acknowledging the arrival of the tenth beat battle. :partying_face:

Here’s our two sample sources:

Inspector Gadget Theme Song (HQ)

BOD and friends intro

BUT, there’s a twist!

You can only use up to 10 total samples. This includes chops! Adjusting the starting point of a sample counts as making a new chop each time you do it. So if you automate the start point on your machine throughout your beat, make sure that you don’t go over the limit.

Phase 1 Rules and Limitations:

  • Alongside our two songs, choose one television show’s music from your childhood. It has to be only from one song though. No sampling multiple songs from the same show.
  • Do not publicly share what show you chose
  • Include at least one sample from each of these three sources
  • You can use any drum samples but…
  • Only up to ten sounds can be used in your beat
  • Pitching, reversing and live FX are permitted on each sound
  • Beats should be between 1:30 - 2:30 max
  • Submit your beat in a DM to @waftlord by Saturday, May 14th. (05/14/22)

For example: I have my TV show sample, and I chop it up into three pieces. That counts as three samples. Then I take 2 chops from each of the other TV shows, which adds 4 more. Then I take a kick, snare, and hi-hat from my sample library. That would be another three and would add up to a total of ten.

So choose your chops wisely. Keep in mind that the length of one chop isn’t regulated, so you can have looooong samples if you wish. :grin:

Phase 2 Vote:

  • Voting will be a blind vote
  • There’s pointless nerd points available for those who can sample spot the most shows correctly :nerd_face:
  • After battle #10 winner’s confirmed, please share your chosen sample source.

We hope to hear some really dope stuff from this! Think of the limits for this battle as creative requirements, instead of annoying restrictions. :grin: Back in the day, sample time was super limited, so limiting the number of samples isn’t too far off from what the pioneers used to do.
E-MU SP1200 had 10 secs total but we’ve decided to not be that brutal.

Now go out there and make some beats!



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Another really cool idea! I am traveling until the beginning of may, but I’ll try to submit something when I am back!

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For your ears kindly: the French version of Inspector Gadget theme!


Great concept. I loved Inspection Gadget as a kid and I have a show in mind which I doubt anybody else would sample. :smiley:


holy moly


Nice! Great setup :slightly_smiling_face:

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@LyingDalai Loved it!

@Jedilicious I hope you see now why your PO could come in very handy for this battle. :wink:

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Oh boy. I hope I find the time to participate this time as the challenge sounds like a ton of fun!

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Hard to pass on this one…I’m in

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Blame @LyingDalai for opening up this rabbit hole


Nice concept, I really like it :slightly_smiling_face:

This will be a challenge for me personally.
Even if I use a straight two bar loop I tend to chop it, but not in 8ths or 16th, but at any percussive hit just to micro-time it for swing, so I’m right out my comfort zone with this one.


Would it be okay to use a song that was in the show and written for the show, but is not a title/theme song?

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Quick question.
If I set a loop to reverse when it’s reached a certain point I’ve selected within the loop, does it count as a chop when it reaches that point to play backwards?

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@sleepside Totally! Just as long as it was in the show for the show. :slight_smile:

@Yabba I think that’s fine. As long as you’re reversing the same sample, it’s fine. Basically, as long as the sample’s length doesn’t change, I don’t care if you reverse it, pitch it down, whatever.

Ex: 4 bar drum loop. I could reverse, time-stretch, pitch up or down, etc, but it’s still going to just be a 4 bar drum loop.


This is great! I’m in!

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