Elektron Transfer


Why’s that?


that’s Elektron’s turbo midi maximum speed (10x) and it’s running the transfer by midi



Well good at least Overbridge can use the faster High-speed USB!


Is it just me or is this an utterly lame non-announcement?! No new firmware, no new transfer app, so what exactly is the news here? Oh, and bonus points for pointing out that something that is a prerequisite for using the machines the way they‘re advertised comes at no extra charge.


Yeah, the release notes says Transfer 1.0.0 May 29, 2017 right at the top – so what’s new? You always ask such pesky questions Hans_Olo !

Announcing the 2017 Elektron Digitakt.

Not sure what the explanation of all this is. I certainly was taken in.


What gives? This is the same app they released when the Digitakt came out. Nothing is new in it. Has someone made a mistake? Weird.


I’m guessing it didnt work for Rytm MK2 until now


No.Previous version(?) of Transfer app. works fine for mk2.


Should have been way clearer about what this was. My heart nearly stopped before i realised this afforded my DT nothing new :smiley: Maybe I need to get out more


Loaded up about 40 samples of Linndrum LM-2. After I dropped all the wav.s I looked for a start button because all the files were on the screen. I didn’t even realize all the samples had already transferred to the Digitakt…way way faster than C6! Elektron should develop this for for all their sample loading gear!



I mean- The Octatrack is pretty immediate for sample transferring and they’re preparing to drop this for the ARmk1

Also- the Octatrack storage setting is different


has anyone installed Transfer App on OS 10. 8.5?
Any idea to import samples from Mac 10.8.5 ? No chance!!


Is it not working? Don’t select your sound card for the in or out…use Digitakt IN and Digitakt OUT! I kept try to select output as my sound card on my iMac and switched to my MacBook Air and it worked. I’m going to try to load samples with my iMac again and see if it’s working…

About sample transfer on other Elektron gear…I was thinking they could implement this for Rytm and Machinedrum…Octatrack has the card so it’s already fast and samples portable with multiple cards for projects.



C6 has always worked fine for me


I guess we are two lucky guys :joy: then …


Thx for the reply, but I didn’t buy Digitakt because i’m not sure to able to upload my sample library. I need to understand if it’s possibile.


The minimum requirements say 10.9 on the site. You could always download the application since it’s free and instal it to see if it runs on your 10.8.5 system.


What Mac are you on?


C6 is a great app, but this works as fast as you drop the files into it!


When are we getting this for the AR mk1? Why is it not available for the AR mk1 now?