Elektron Transfer


Mac book pro (2009), It’s an old friend!
Os 10.8.5 -2.66Ghz-8Gb-SSD Main disk


It has been stated here by Simon that it depends on oB update. And it will definitely come.


The exact reply is not really based on app. Someone ask Where is the firmware for the MKI?

So the Simon reply was :

The reason why it has not been released yet is that it would break compatibility with the current version of Overbridge, and will therefore need to be released at the same time as the new Overbridge version in the works. This version is slated for release in February.
Main Reason is to not breaking anything for people globally

  1. Transfer will remain a separate application
  2. And yes, backup is coming.

(Intermediate updates to only the firmware are of course still a possibility, but once the protocol has changed in both firm- and software the update will need to be released as one package) There is separate teams for Overbridge and firmware. They of course collaborate, but we’re not “wasting resources” on Overbridge by any means.

Perhaps firmware updates were more frequent pre-OB, but you also need to consider that we had only Four and Rytm that were actively developed during that time period. Now we have a lot more products etc. Overbridge is not the sole reason for everything.

End of the Transcription.
Now wait is the only way.


Your MacBook Pro will run Yosemite 10.9 you should install it and then you’re all set.



10.9 is Mavericks, but it’s never that simple to just advocate upgrading, there’s compatibility with other hardware and software and there’s bloating from OSX to consider if the hardware isn’t ideal - needs research (and it’s a hassle, especially if things are working fine)


He can run Yosemite, so with 10.9 (Mavericks) he is all good! I had the same macbook, with 8g ram…I’d be willing to bet he has the 15" MBP. With his specs, there is no reason not to upgrade.



But, because of Apple’s recent s**t-headed policies, they have removed the installers for previous OS versions from their site. So if you need to downgrade because the updates have broken compatibility with something you need to use, Apple don’t give a damn and the only solution is to hunt down an installer in the torrents. They make enough money from the iPhone to just dump on the creatives who used to be their core market, and without whom Apple would never have survived Microsoft’s domination of the PC market.


All my Samples was carefully selected in listening 2 times : Solo preview and Track Context preview That’s how i know i’m sure of it i like the sound but not only it pairs well too. I make short listening session because it’s a very annoying process. My factory RYTM is around 1100 samples (i rarely use the Machines folder and i will probably delete that one from my file organization) that’s all i need and the main part, the most important is the Layering Tools folder. Paired with Rytm Synth Machine it’s a killer combo and to me the RYTM was design for that purpose. Then i can really upload other materials but i’ll do that in the context of a track… i encourage you to work like that especially if you use your RYTM for drums essentially. Everything was always converted before to upload via C6 or Transfer app (That may speed up the transfer… and Myriad batch audio converter is so fast and efficient for that Damn i love this converting audio app)

Layering-Tools : = 463 Samples


Specific Drum Machines : 2 x 808 and 2 x 909 = 258 Samples


Drums : 669 Samples


Elapsed Time : 10 minutes and 32 seconds for 1390 Samples

Waveforms Selected 10000 Samples from my Waveforms Folder (i use it in my Octatrack generally not in the RYTM because of LFO and Effects i prefer to use single cycle in the OT make more sense to me…)


The selection of 10000 single cycle waveforms test uploaded in One Hour and a Half maybe a bit more… without a bug (it’s not a test against the clock)

To me Elektron Transfer is a huge improvement. No Doubt

Oh and that’s not the Elektron Lovers who speak here just a regular user of the RYTM MK1 who haven’t its RYTM for month to upgrade to the MK2, now having it… i restore the backup of my personal library from the MK1 to my MK2…

Transfer Application

Should firmware updates be safe through this?


I thought this software allowed dropping of samples whilst at the same time retaining file structures? I’m using ARmk2 and this is not working well at all - I get about 3-4 folders with one or two samples in them, not 100’s of samples in multiple arranged folders as it should be.

Apologies if I’ve missed something in this thread…


Each time you run the transfer app it auto create a folder named transfer-xxxxx with the x’s being replaced with numbers. If you want things to go to the same destination you need to rename that to the name of the directory you want.


Thanks - tried that already and it still has the same effect, it just copies one or two folders and samples and not the whole folder structure, I’d say it copies about 1% of the parent folder and contents I’m trying to transfer.


Cant transfer sysex to AR MKII!
Samples transfer is a bit confusing…As MKI protocol: in the AR i need to set a folder where i upload the samples on the +drive, create it, name it, set the upload here point but when i transfer the samples they will go in another folder…the only way to get rid from it is to rename the folder in the bottom of the window transfer program…

Im on Mac OSX Sierra. AR MKII 1.40B.


Any chance we’ll see Elektron Transfer working for the Digitone soon? It recognizes the Digitone, using Windows 7, but it doesn’t work.

C6 isn’t working for me, without a Midi-USB interface. It a bit lame that ET only works with the Digitakt.


When backing up samples with Transfer, does it save/remember all of your sample’s placement (like pads they are assigned to, kit placement etc)?