Elektron Transfer 1.1


Not sure I understand. You can delete a sample both on the unit itself and when using transfer.


I can not connect my digitakt with OS 1.07 to elektron transfer 1.1 that tells me that “the device you are trying to connect with doesn’t support elektron transfer”.


On the Digi you cannot delete directories if they are not empty. If you have a directory with a lot of subfolders, it’s really a hassle. I think most users would be very happy if they could organize and delete whole batches of samples on the Digi itself, while using Transfer. I now have to use Crunch for that.


Really good update, nice one Elektron.


Yes, I agree, this is an issue. Was not clear that you meant directories when you wrote sample and I thought you had missed something.


Same Here, after multiple attempts and switching usb ports, Mac os10.10.5, 6gb ram, i5 processor, ports configured to usb only on the Digitakt (os 1.07).

Any suggestions?

EDIT: Tried on my newer 2017 Macbook pro running Os 10.13.3 and it worked, went back to the older imac again and it worked there too, Thanks Very Much…Christ this feel like a weight off, obviously it’s not perfect but being able to save samples gives enormous peace of mind


Hi Olle, thx for responding.

My bottom line is: it’s crazy I have to use 3 different apps (Transfer, C6, Crunch) for rather basic functions (sample transfer, project backup, sample management)

Remember: you sold me a product half a year ago, promising all this functionalities in one app. I really admire the patience most of the guys and girls here are having.


The plan is to further improve the project and sample management. This is just the first step.


Simple question on how to backup DT:
Sysex dump, then transfer all samples from DT to a folder in your Computer.

If I factory reset and load back the sysex file + these samples that were on the machine, will all my projects reload correctly?

Anyone tried?


make sure your connecting direct and not through a hub, maybe?


Im VERY happy to have this, so THANK YOU!
but is it still not possible to move kits [Rytm mk2] with samples between projects?
Is this what the new Overbridge is expected to do?
Any help MUCH appreciated.
AFAIK only way is to do this is to use c6 and sysex.

I know that I can copy kits without samples from the RYTM mk2 browser.


Have you change any configuration?

Well, I have done nothing at all, but suddenly, I try one more time an now it works.


took out physical midi connection in & out, and changed connection to usb only in settings on the digitakt (had been doing this the whole time though) connected it to the newer mac, got nothing, checked in system information to see if it was showing up as a usb device, and it magically sorted itself out, after refreshing and reconnecting…transferred some samples across, disconnected, and reconnected to the older Imac and it worked.

I realise that little story isn’t helpful as the only different circumstances were a different machine with a newer OS, it isnt scientific but it did work…best of luck


it works fine for me now, thank you for your attention


Hopefully from now on, it works consistantly without faith or magic…glad you got sorted


For those who are experiencing the connection disrupted: it looks like this app does not like running on background or behind the screensaver. Just hold it on the top of your other mac apps.


EXACTLY the day i’ve sold my Digitakt…thankfully didn’t send it yet, so can still back up all my samples for future!


Yep, for me, too, this comes the day after I sold mine. but it is packed up and ready to go. I should have had more faith! Still, this will be quite useful for my new AR MkII. Who knows? Maybe I’ll relent and get another DT someday!


Good news. Gladly it supports El Cap.

Also good to see, that Mk2’s “environment” is progressing. Now I hope OB2 will come soon as well.


It seems like the Auto Channel cannot be set to 1.