Elektron Transfer 1.1


Yes, that was the problem, i changed autochannel to 9 and suddenly it works, thanks for your attention


Latest crunch will do sample transfer, too. See (renamed, new url) https://electric.kitchen/crunch/elk-herd

Mind you, there are strengths and weaknesses: Transfer can get whole directory trees off the device, while crunch can only get multiple samples from a selected directory. (minor, I know…) crunch can do drag-n-drop reorganization.


Yeah, love the app you’ve built. Much appreciated! Gonna check out the sample transfer asap.

Maybe you could now focus on an alternative app for getting my eight tracks out seperately to my daw :sunglasses:


Is delete not working for you in transfer 1.1? I used 1.1 to delete 3 folders full of samples last night.

You don’t need to use three apps anymore as transfer should os update (used it on my digi to update), trAnsfer samples to and from and manage samples. You just need c6 for sysex dump.


I couldn’t find an option to delete samples or directories on the Digitakt (+drive) via Transfer.

If there is an option, please let me know where I can find it!


Is this just fantasy…?


You select the folder or sample and either right click and select delete or press delete on your keyboard


I’m just happy to be able to back up samples from my recordings. Better implimentation of file organization can come later.


found a typo : )

Pattern change occurred one pattern length to late after receiving a Program Change message
from other Elektron device.


Thanks for this :slight_smile: I’ll be done moving after this weekend and will be able to unpack and update my Elektron gear. Will be nice to start out my new music space with some backups and organizational capabilities.


Great update! a simple copy and paste function . so we can move samples from one folder to another would be welcome…


@mixaliss Here


I’m really glad that Elektron Transfer now has an “Explore” Window allowing sample transfer in both directions! Just downloaded and tested it for some minutes: seems to work, with casual disconnects!

This means, that we finally have full backup possibilities for AR MkII and Digitakt: a big step in the right direction!

Just noticed there is a news thread already, move it there if you want.


Sysex dump, at least concerning project data sysex, works as well with the Transfer app, when I use the sysex receive/anything folder structure in the project management of my AR Mk II.


I’m now able to use the samples from my Digitakt in say renoise as wav files? Haven’t had a moment to try it out


Would be great if we could tag the samples before loading them in to the rytm… ie : kick, snare etc etc would make life a little bit easier


Samples don’t have tags assigned to them AFAIK, but Sounds do.


Exactly. You’d need to make a sound with the sample and save that in your sound library and tag that.


In my occasional musings re/ future projections for gear investments, i wrestle with whether to go for the Digitakt or the Analog Rytm.

It’s been quite an ongoing struggle for months now.

I now realise the sensible option is: both.


Perhaps the sensible option would be to have just RYTM mk1 or the Digi but that all rides on how long it takes for the RYTM to receive its new firmware if the lack of sample management etc are the dealbreakers. It will come but when? we’re well into 2018…

But of course Elektron sensibly would want you buy digi and RYTM mk2 as they don’t get any more money from mk1s!